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a large projecting front tooth

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Olympic Track & Field Trials, to see Dave Wottle, a bucktoothed, bone-white, golf-cap-wearing Bowling Green University runner tie the world record in the 800 meters, two months before he would win the gold medal in Munich, Germany.
When life gives naked mole rats lemons, the wrinkled, bucktoothed rodents probably don't care.
Tough to ignore too is the free-floating symbol of the "sheared beaver-skin coat" (4:167) that Ralph buys for the formerly bucktoothed (beaver-like) Dorothea, then decides to sell in order to finance a solo trip to Hong Kong, then gives to Isabel, then returns to Dorothea, and then again determines to sell, this time in order to help fund the relocation to Texas.
The second message posted last Monday read: "The only time I'd like to see her would be on a mortician's slab or being gang raped by 50 bucktoothed *** all named tripod.
The World Cup's all-time leading goalscorer will be guest of honour at The Emirates and Morrison insists the brilliant bucktoothed legend is entitled to centre stage for the way he proved his class coming back from his 1998 Finals meltdown.
Your best bet this month is certain to please the meat fishermen: Look for sheepshead action by targeting the bucktoothed porgies around coastal structures during the peak of the spawning run.
Jane (reaching down to hand Drebin a large, bucktoothed aquatic rodent): "Thanks
Luckily, Tanya's grandfather has invented a time machine, allowing Bunty to zip back to 1975 and transform his dad from bucktoothed dweeb into handsome catch.
Compared with the timeless brilliance of Emma Thompson's bucktoothed Nanny McPhee, you should give Tooth Fairy the gum's rush.
Shoe buckles, I knew from past observations, were favoured by those, who would not hesitate to slake their ambition in some unsavoury activity such as politics, banking, or escorting bucktoothed spinsters to moonlight dinners.
Reading the British press you would have thought that David Beckham was the key man for Milan, but it is clearly the bucktoothed Brazilian who is rolling back the years.
It is what it sounds like: detailed observations on a bucktoothed rodent that devotes itself to hydraulic engineering.
The cover art, featuring a yellow-eyed, whisker-joweled, firey-maned lioned staring down a pink eared, knuckle-toed, bucktoothed mouse, is so exceptionally beautiful you would hate to see a printed title cover even a millimeter of it.
From adjectives of ignorance like "inscrutable" and "submissive" to inflammatory tags like "yellow peril" and "gook" from the bucktoothed farce perpetuated by Jerry Lewis to the high-achiever model found on sitcoms the Asian immigrant has been subjected to discrimination both subtle and blatant.
450s inserted into these magazines stick up with a bucktoothed aspect and will not feed with any reliability.