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Buckskin participated in a Kaurna course and worked on Kaurna projects.
From the Warriparinga language course in early 2007, Amery recruited Jamie Goldsmith to work on a Kaurna requests database and Jack Buckskin to work on the Kaurna Placenames project.
At the end of September 2007 Amery travelled interstate and asked Buckskin to teach the class in his absence.
Amery suggested that it would be worth approaching Buckskin as a possible teacher of Kaurna.
We have gone into some detail here to show how Buckskin was 'fast-tracked' into the teaching of Kaurna, first through being given responsibility for a limited introductory 11-week program with Year 8 students (which was taught repetitively in a rotation of all Year 8 classes), while at the same time having ongoing support from Amery through the joint delivery of the adult evening (Year 11) class.
Buckskin was soon recruited by other schools, beginning with Kaurna Plains School later in 2008.
For Buckskin, before starting to learn Kaurna language, members of his own family were telling him that he should not have to learn language from a non-Aboriginal person, but he continued to do so to show them that it takes just one person to break that cycle.
This reinforced the edges (real buckskin would not have been folded at the edges).
If a man can look out his window and see another house," Buckskin told one visitor, "he's a poor man.
Buckskin went to the Salmon River during the Depression--because of it.
Decades before I met him, Buckskin built one of most remarkable flintlock rifles I've ever seen, one of several such rifles in his rack when I was there.
Buckskin built his 3-gauge musket just because he "thought it should be done.
I asked Buckskin why he didn't just get a modern rifle to use instead of his muzzleloaders, and he paused a bit before answering.
The homesteader of Fivemile Bar became a popular attraction for the many rafters who floated down that part of the Salmon River each summer, and in his later years Buckskin allowed visits, and even held court for them.
Before we parted company, Buckskin revealed his latest project, another flintlock rifle.