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Did you ever see a pair of buckskins like those at Miss Pinkerton's?
I only understand putting on the buckskin article perfectly.
She pulled out a little pouch of buckskin, worn on her neck like a locket, and opened it.
His lower limbs were protected by buckskin leggings, and his feet by the ordinary Indian moccasins.
when the tears broke over his wasted cheeks, out of fountains that had long been dried, and, sinking his face between his knees, he covered it decently with his buckskin garment, and sobbed aloud.
The shiny coat of palominos and buckskins led to their nickname "Golden Horses".
The day wraps with the grand entry of the pow wow, drum groups and dancers from Tiny Tots to Buckskins.
The Kaurna language movement desperately needs several more Jack Buckskins.
Paramedic Katy Bowler, 29, who plays Calamity, said: "I often have to drive on unmade tracks and roads, therefore driving this vehicle in a green boiler suit could be likened to driving a stage coach wearing buckskins in the Wild West days of the 1860 to 70s.
WHEN she was a teenager, the hotelier's daughter from suburban Cheshire developed a passion for the buckskins worn by Davy Crockett, but many years would pass before she was allowed to dress a pair of gay cowboys.
How the West was worn; bustles and buckskins on the wild frontier.
The Southern buckskin line up holds a vast array of styles from traditional buckskins to contemporary styles of dresses.
The meat of buffalo and deer was a source of food, while the hides provided rawhide and buckskins for teepee covers, blankets, clothes and parfleches.
Custer was there in his buckskins with the flags, his cavalrymen surrounded by the open range - and the Cheyenne and Lakota closing in.
Our mascot is a little fellow dressed in buckskins - oh, dear.