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horse of a light yellowish dun color with dark mane and tail

a soft yellowish suede leather originally from deerskin but now usually from sheepskin

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Critique: Still another terrific western action/adventure novel by a complete master of the genre, author Ethan Flagg's most recent western, "Bad Deal In Buckskin" is a true and compulsive page turner of a read making it unreservedly recommended in this large print edition from the Linford Western Library series for both the personal reading lists of western fans and community library Western Fiction collections.
These two dresses are constructed from three buckskin hides with two smaller hides used for fringes, extensions, etc.
- Painted roof color-coordinated with Buckskin paint scheme;
"Buckskin Brigades" is premised on the Lewis & Clark Expedition murder of a Native American Blackfeet Indian Chief in 1806 near what is now Helena, Montana, and its effect in changing the course of history.
Winnetou, the good Indian, wore white buckskin, while the Native villains wore black buckskin.
Universe 2015." In the national outfit parade of the competition, Burnham wore a jingle dress in white and red, prominently displaying maple leafs, and for the talent competition, she wore a buckskin dress and performed a traditional dance.
Today, Indian clubs from Prague to Potsdam put on elaborate reenactments complete with acres of buckskin while (mostly) waving off concerns about how parading about in redface and appropriating sacred symbols like eagle feathers might play with actual Native Americans.
The Buckskin Fire in the Wild Rivers Ranger District remained at 60 percent containment, with crews continuing to do mop-up work and rehabilitate fire lines.
with his buckskin clothes and his pinto horse who could track a man over
Did they need more meat to feed their tribe, or buckskin for the winter?
AIN the days of the backwoodsmen, frontiersmen and trappers of the 18th century when Americans were pushing west and trading with native Americans, the going rate for a buckskin was one silver dollar.
Lydia Lavill is outstanding as Calamity, a six-gun toting gal with a reputation of being careless with the truth, and she cleverly exchanges her rough buckskin gear for a posh frock to win her man near the finale.
One who has risen to the challenge is Jack Kanya Buckskin, who started out working on Kaurna language projects, which included recording Kaurna words and phrases.