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horse of a light yellowish dun color with dark mane and tail

a soft yellowish suede leather originally from deerskin but now usually from sheepskin

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Painted roof color-coordinated with Buckskin paint scheme;
Caption: This photo, featuring Pat Brewer, shows a different variation on the Men's buckskin style.
The company said, "In the US, Maersk Oil has decided to exit the Buckskin project due to the challenged economics.
Strewn amongst the crowd could be seen more kids (and some adults again) also wearing imitation buckskin and fringe clothing, or further variations on the headband or headdress motif.
Jack Buckskin was the first young Kaurna person to take on the teaching of Kaurna in multiple programs when he embraced teaching in several programs concurrently in 2008.
The company can continue with the activities, as a drilling permit has been received for its co-owned Buckskin well, in offshore Louisiana.
He has participated in Buckskin leadership and Order of the Arrow, and attended the 2005 National Jamboree.
She has also ordered a pair of calf-length boots in beige buckskin, according to Clergerie, whose boots sell for hundreds of pounds.
Word History: The word buck in the sense "dollar" was originally short for buckskin, in other words, the skin of a male deer.
Hendricks has bred and raised horses for many years and organized the American Buckskin Horse Registry and the International Buckskin Horse Registry.
land rolling by the windows, buckskin horses small in the great hot
By bringing geodesic domes and buckskin vests under one cover, Brand's catalog fused the most interesting ideas and products of the military-industrial-academic complex with the individualism and spiritual communion of the counterculture, which theoretically arose in opposition to that supposedly cold and bureaucratic world.
You can tell by the way they are dressed--the haircuts and buckskin clothes we associate with Indians, and the high hats and collars of the Pilgrims.
Buckskin Bessie: Her Lost Letters by Monica James is the remarkable collection of correspondence by the renowned Bessie "Montana Bess" Herberg, and her life with the 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show.
Part I will examine the FTC's review of Arch Coal's Triton acquisition, including the FTC's motion in limine to exclude evidence of the proposed Buckskin sale.