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horse of a light yellowish dun color with dark mane and tail

a soft yellowish suede leather originally from deerskin but now usually from sheepskin

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Caption: A great example of a men's buckskin outfit (right), Don Pepion s leading the precession at the North American Indian Days Powwow in Browning Montana.
For instance, growing up as a child, Buckskin would use words from three or four different South Australian Aboriginal languages in one sentence.
Buckskin Bessie: Her Lost Letters by Monica James is the remarkable collection of correspondence by the renowned Bessie "Montana Bess" Herberg, and her life with the 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show.
Part I will examine the FTC's review of Arch Coal's Triton acquisition, including the FTC's motion in limine to exclude evidence of the proposed Buckskin sale.
1953: Calamity Jane: Doris Day's got buckskin pants and a "Secret Love.
The author covers hats to ward off rain and glare, union suits, infant dress, parasols, gloves, hairstyles, and Southwestern Indian feathers and buckskin.
The men look incredibly regal in their buckskin dress and war bonnets accented with eagle feathers cascading down their back.
Then there was my plan to hitch- hike round the world in a pair of knee- high buckskin boots with fringes round the top (I said I was an old hippy) that never really got much further south than Barnsley.
Back in 1978, when the late patriarch Daniel Wildenstein had horses in training with Peter Walwyn, Buckskin lined up as 11-8 favourite, but could only muster fourth under Pat Eddery.
The Buckskin is built around a sharp looking reflexed riser that is film dipped with Realtree's HD Green.
The new Singing 12-Pack CDs feature tunes by three national artists (Todd Snider, the Supersuckers, Dale Watson) and three local artists (Railbenders, Buckskin Stallion, Dalhart Imperials).
1]) and superior to Buckskin (CI 17263; 2500 kg [ha.
00 Each See us for all your traditional Powwow needs White Buckskin, Deer, and Elk Rawhide Jingles, Deer, Elk and Moose Leather, Drum Frames, Drum Frame Kits Hair Pipes, Tin Cones & Feathers
These were carrying bags made of buckskin or rawhide and were used to carry clothing, food and all the little objects that the people accumulated.
Americana is a selection of denims, Navaho buckskin and embroidered suede, while Raindance has trimmings that include leather, raffia, guinea fowl feathers and elk teeth.