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small lead shot for shotgun shells

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Flechettes were preferred by combatants equally to 00 buckshot, and flechette ammunition and 00 buckshot were preferred over the XM257 #4 buckshot, which lacked the penetration and on-target performance of either flechettes or 00 buckshot.
One of the suspects injured with buckshot was reported to the police by the medical officer of the Mohamed Kassab Orthopedic Institute, in Manouba, where he was transferred from the TAaAaAeA@bourba Local Hospita
Witnesses told the UN that the Venezuelan security forces had fired tear gas and buckshot without warning.
Witnesses spoke of security forces firing tear gas and buckshot at anti-Government protestors without warning.
I have tried it with 100-grain bullets, and the groups look like I'm using buckshot out of a cylinder bore.
Sporting Easton's Deadblow[TM] noise-killing technology, the new Buckshot series of hunting stabilizers are perfect for bowhunters looking to improve accuracy while also quieting their hunting rig.
99 IN A story indistinguishable from other Westerns, we head to New Mexico in the 1870s where a half-dead frontiersman (Noah Emmerich) arrives home to his wife (Natalie Portman, above) and young daughter with buckshot in his back.
12 gauge, tactical buckshot, federal, LEI 32-00,9 pellet, 3M
030-inch constriction designed to produce tight 00 and 000 buckshot patterns.
We found the cheapest way to shoot them (not being able to cast lead in our apartment) was to buy bags of 0000 buckshot, which works dandy in .
old shotgun full of buckshot which has not been used for years; a museum
410 shotgun loaded with five-pellet #000 buckshot round.
That's why we use 1-ounce slugs on pigs, or buckshot for home defense, not No.
MISS BUCKSHOT has hit the bar on her last two starts but can return to winning ways in the coral.