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Synonyms for buckshot

small lead shot for shotgun shells

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As freshmen they were in "Into the Woods," as sophomores it was "Buckshot and Blossoms" and last year it was "The Little Mermaid."
A child was wounded with the aggression' buckshot in Haly district.
And by that I meant that it ran everything I stuffed into it, from slugs to buckshot to birdshot.
During the shootout, Mireles fired five aimed rounds of 00 buckshot. Each hit exactly where aimed, but the pellets did no more than disable one of the suspects.
And when you're shooting slugs or buckshot, you want to lessen the pounding as much as you can.
I cannot pinpoint the first time I noticed Miranda Buckshot. But I did, against my better instincts, take notice.
"Witnesses spoke of security forces firing tear gas and buckshot at anti-Government protestors without warning.
Witnesses told the UN that the Venezuelan security forces had fired tear gas and buckshot without warning.
I have tried it with 100-grain bullets, and the groups look like I'm using buckshot out of a cylinder bore.
Sporting Easton's Deadblow[TM] noise-killing technology, the new Buckshot series of hunting stabilizers are perfect for bowhunters looking to improve accuracy while also quieting their hunting rig.
DVD PS17.99, Blu-ray PS21.99 IN A story indistinguishable from other Westerns, we head to New Mexico in the 1870s where a half-dead frontiersman (Noah Emmerich) arrives home to his wife (Natalie Portman, above) and young daughter with buckshot in his back.
old shotgun full of buckshot which has not been used for years; a museum
More viable low-recoil options could well be a pistol-caliber carbine or the oft-ignored .410 shotgun loaded with five-pellet #000 buckshot round.