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" Recent data reveals that the average age of women seeking egg freezing is about 38 years, at which they are less likely to benefit," informs Dr Buckshee.
What has happened to the word 'buckshee', in common use up to the early 1980s?
"They invested millions of pounds to turn it into a viable company again - the only problem then was they virtually gave it away buckshee.
But that's fine by him as long as the money keeps rolling in, as long as he gets a few "fact-finding" holidays buckshee and as long as a few people doff their caps and call him "Sir."
It was actually a buckshee (do people still use that word?) lunch which turned me off freebies big time.
Saxena SP, Khare C, Farooq A, Murugesan K, Buckshee K, Chandra J.
This so-called "Buckshee Battle" of 10 April cost the 62nd Division 162 men.
Plans to send Ough and his comrades to the Far East came to an abrupt end following the atomic bomb, and the final chapters of the book provide an interesting account of, "what do we do with a buckshee PO pilot now that the war's over?"
I have seen this sort of thing happen more often in recent years as local wide boys try to grab land buckshee without doing anything entitling them to do so (apart, occasionally from erecting a fence) and, presumably, misleading the Land Registry into the bargain.
Bunging buckshee gifts to someone who has been associated with allegations of drugs, shoplifting and attention-seeking impresses no-one.
He claimed that going instead to one of our many private hospitals/clinics was no guarantee of better treatment, and at an enormous cost, whereas the state run hospital was buckshee for pensioners with an annual income not exceeding e1/422,000.
I'm thinking of doing that myself - you can have my three for a quid, and I'll throw in the missus buckshee.
BUCKSHEE BOY (1.12pm) can prove 'top man' as far as the punters are concerned on Wimbledon's BAGS card today.
He laid a wreath on behalf of the Buckshee Wheelers, a cycling club set up for Army personnel in the Second World War desert campaign.