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a saw that is set in a frame in the shape of an H

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Past studies have shown that the value of a tree was reduced by 20 percent using manual bucking compared to what is normally realized with a bucksaw (Faaland and Briggs 1984).
The three of us treat school as a job," said Piton, a former bucksaw operator.
Backbone, Crosshairs, and Downed, however, all drawn from a book about deer hunting, seem fixated on communicating content (BREASTBONE, 99 BUCKSAW, 129 BULLET ACTION, 37-8, reads part of Backbone).
teams, snowshoes, Many skill were taught through the oral tradition and learned through dreams * land tenure and management system divided land in quarters and routated use * knives, hide sinew, wood * bone needles, twine * snowshoes, dog teams, canoe * axe, bucksaw, gas- powered saw * tent, logs * techiques learned from HOUSEHOLD Hurons, seed potatoes from HBC * scrapers, knives, hides stretched on frames and hoops * roots of tamarack, spruce, reeds * maple, pine, ash, ironwood * white ash * birch bark, elm bark, canvas, balsam gum * canvas, birch bark, basswood, fiber, logs * needles, twine * mouse, deerhide, groundhog, beaver * oak/maple (black, alder (red) [Part 3 of 4] Figure 3.
And the adults are invited to show their skills in the chain saw and bucksaw competitions set for 11 a.
The equipment used for log bucking and loading on this site was a CTR bucksaw, and a Barko 395ML loader.