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a spheroidal fullerene


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The first was given a control, the second was fed olive oil and the third was fed a combination of olive oil and Buckminsterfullerene.
Buckminsterfullerene is a ball-shaped cluster of 60 atoms arranged like the panels on a modern football.
Scientists first stumbled upon the family in 1985 with the discovery of the soccer-ball-shaped sphere known as buckminsterfullerene, or buckyball.
One of the highlights of the Symposium was the review by Harry Kroto,, FRS, (Sussex) on the discovery of Buckminsterfullerene, [C.
and colleagues explained that there are several ways of making buckypaper, named for Buckminsterfullerene, or carbon 60, which was the basis for the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and helped spawn the emerging field of nanotechnology.
Tsutomu Ohtsuki of Tohoku University in Sendai and his colleagues recorded a nearly 1 percent hike in the decay rate of beryllium-7 atoms that were each trapped inside a spherical shell-like, 60-carbon molecule known as a buckminsterfullerene, or buckyball.
A form of carbon known as buckminsterfullerene, or "Buckyballs," will become significant in developing new materials by 2011.
The Nobel prize was awarded in 1996 to their discoverers, who had formally named the molecule buckminsterfullerene for its resemblance to the geodesic domes of architect R.
At Vanderbilt, Rosenthal and her colleagues are experimenting with blends of quantum dots and polymers to which they add carbon-60, or buckminsterfullerene, molecules--popularly known as buckyballs.
The most famous member of the family is buckminsterfullerene, consisting of 60 carbon atoms arranged in the pattern of a soccer ball.
The researchers dubbed the molecule buckminsterfullerene for its resemblance to the domes designed by architect R.