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Synonyms for buckler

armor carried on the arm to intercept blows

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I am not so strong as you," continued Robin; "that helmet and sword and buckler would be my undoing on the uncertain footing amidstream, to say nothing of your holy flesh and bones.
But they rattled harmlessly off his steel buckler, while he laughed and minded them no more than if they had been hail-stones.
Not a napkin should he carry on his arm, but a buckler.
The wooden sailing ships built at Bucklers Hard include three of the participants in the Battle of Trafalgar, including the Agamemnon, on which Lord Nelson served from 1793 to 1796, during which time he met Lady Hamilton and lost an eye (in the siege of Calvi on Corsica).
Venture capitalists go from numbers crunchers to swash bucklers.