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armor carried on the arm to intercept blows

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Marta Dvorak, similarly, sees the "metaphysical resonances" in the "concentric circles of Ellen's rug" but focuses instead on the influence of Emerson's thought upon Buckler, citing a passage from Emerson's "Circles": "It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world.
Buckler was the son of a skilled, but poor, master roofer in Mainz, Germany.
Niche Market took the Irish National for Buckler and jockey Harry Skelton back in April and the pair are set to team up with I Hear Thunder.
Rick Buckler will be attending the North East shows as he is visiting friends in the already told Russ that he intends to come and give his support.
When Buckler returned to the living room with his gun, he saw one of the intruders carrying his flat-screen TV out of the house.
Famously The Jam's original line-up - Buckler, Weller and bassist Bruce Foxton - played their last ever concert on the opening night of The Tube.
Colonel Buckler became concerned not only for the welfare of soldiers under his command, both US forces and Salvadoran military personnel, but also for this disease's effect on our ability to finish const-ruction at remote sites near the Honduran border.
q FRIDAY Leeds, Jongleurs DANNY BUCKLER + Des Clarke + Gavin Webster + Junior Simpson (comedy); Halifax, Victoria Theatre, bar "Dick & Liddy's Comedy Club" feat.
The de-lineation of reflection, translucency and transparency are concepts echoed in the final design of the Buckler store," he said.
Over the course of this textual journey, Buckler restores legitimacy to architectural and literary eclecticism, an aspect of the onetime capital long demeaned as middle- or low-brow, and, in a tour de force, she elevates them as essential to understanding the city's intricate and dynamic culture.
Cavendish Farms is responding by making tiffs switch," said Steven Buckler, vice president-marketing.
Wight's best wrasse stuck at 5lb 5oz for six yearsuntil SPreader Shaun Buckler weighed in with a 6lb 3oz beauty that will be hard to beat.
In each of her seven chapters Buckler analyzes historical accounts of Russian social and cultural life through the techniques of literary criticism, including new historicism, feminist criticism, and semiotics.
announced Tuesday it will recall the low-alcohol beer-like beverage Buckler, which is imported from Heineken N.
In the vein of Villa Villa Cola (I never figured out what that one meant, but oh well) comes Swash Buckler, which pretty much sticks to the ladies side of skateboarding.