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armor carried on the arm to intercept blows

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Buckler attempted to clear the chute by pushing the rocks with an eight-foot steel bar.
The inventor of the Buckler Speed Ratchet has developed a working prototype of the invention.
We learned of all this as we toured a rather terrific museum at Buckler's Hard and wandered through a woodland walk featuring the kind of trees that would have been used for shipbuilding and other activities.
George has Eider target Buckler's hopes of a double were dashed when Ballyegan proved no match for the strapping Nodebateaboutit in the 3m novice handicap chase.
"If you want to look at the diversity of maize, with the 25 lines we chose as parents, this is as good as it gets," says Buckler, a cofounder of the project.
Marta Dvorak, in her groundbreaking study of his entire body of work, has already examined in detail the paradoxical effects of Buckler's rhetorical strategies and his use of the notion of "translation" (88-89), most affirmatively in relation to Ox Bells and Fireflies.
Shipbuilding at Buckler's Hard was on an almost industrial scale, especially at times of war when the naval yards at Depfford, Greenwich and Woolwich were overloaded.
By Julius Buckler; Norman Franks, Editor; Adam Wait, Translator.
Legendary band The Jam, featuring Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler parted in the early 1980s.
Two armed men, later identified as Jorge Elugardo and Brian Kennedy, kicked in the door to Cody Buckler's Fountain, Colorado, home at about 11:30 p.m.
"WHERE have you just played?" I ask drummer Rick Buckler when From The Jam's tour bus pulls over so he can do a phone interview.
As illness grew throughout the task force, I met with our task force commander, Colonel William Buckler.
The seller is Buckler Management Inc., led by Allen Buckler.
q THURSDAY Leeds, Jongleurs DANNY BUCKLER + Des Clarke + Gavin Webster + Junior Simpson (comedy).