buckle down

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work very hard, like a slave

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"With the signing, we can all buckle down to work and start implementing the President's priority projects for the Filipino people," stated Castro on Monday night, a few hours after Malacanang announced the signing of the budget measure.
He is determined, to quote him, 'to buckle down and turn things around' Philip Astbury, defending McCaig
The government must stand firm and not buckle down in this game of wits.
MARC LeFebvre says that his Coventry Blaze team need to buckle down if they are to battle their way out of their slump.
WORKERS 'DON'T BUCKLE DOWN UNTIL 9.43AM' BRITONS "waste" more than an hour a day by procrastinating, new research suggests.
They should get back to work and do what the rest of the population is doing, buckle down and see this recession through.
Alex Bozman, prosecuting, said: "The officers tried to calm Miss Buckle down, but she carried on getting hysterical.
Ms Thatcher, a chemist by profession, was a born leader, who did not buckle down when General Leopoldo Galtieri's forces captured the Falklands, a group of islands 8,000 miles away from England.
The German Ministry of Economics has drawn up a programme for growth in Europe, which contains no growth-inducing measures, instead calling to "exploit the potential of the common market" and calling on member states to buckle down and stick to reforms.
If Cheryl doesn't use this opportunity to buckle down and go back to the UK X Factor, she's a fool.
He is not the best footballer in the world compared to say Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, so my advice to him would be to buckle down, work hard in training and enjoy his football while he can.
Unite should cancel the strike, tell workers to buckle down and win back some customer respect - while it's still got some.
Hopefully Chris will come back and buckle down to it."
BIRCHFIELD Harriers' highflying Burundian Jean Ndayisenga has been told to buckle down and get himself British citizenship.