buckle down

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work very hard, like a slave

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BOOTLE have welcomed Paul McDonald back to the club - with a warning to buckle down.
Rowe has his hands full as the company, vowing to concentrate on health care following the spinoff, looks to buckle down in 2001.
At eight, his parents sent him to boarding school in France (where his mom was from) to buckle down.
Director of football Graham Turner, disappointed over the Trophy defeat by Dover and the Bulls' mid-table standing, said: "We must buckle down to achieve the highest position we can.
Haights Cross companies include: Triumph Learning, Buckle Down Publishing, Options Publishing, and Recorded Books.
Before his recall in July, the all-rounder had spent two and a half years out of the reckoning after selectors concluded that his lack of physical fitness and willingness to buckle down and improve were serious issues.
He is not the best footballer in the world compared to say Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, so my advice to him would be to buckle down, work hard in training and enjoy his football while he can.
I really wanted to just buckle down and get rid of the tiny bit of excess weight I was carrying.
Hopefully Chris will come back and buckle down to it.
But he insists it's now time to buckle down and prove he has what it takes.
His opening acceleration is that of a decent four-bend performer, and Charlie Lister's dog can come out on top after a buckle down the back-straight.
It is an ideal chance to put last week's debacle behind us, buckle down, regain some pride and start out on a cup run," said Jeffrey.
I cannot fault the players for their effort and now we must buckle down in a bid to retain our league title.
Brown said: "The game with Livingston was a wake-up call for us and we know we must buckle down.