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Synonyms for bucketful

the quantity contained in a bucket


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While talking to reporters, Talal Chaudhry poured a bucketful of sarcasm on Zardari, saying the former president is extremely worried ever since Ayyan Ali has been arrested.
Two men found this out the hard way when they were caught stealing a bucketful of fish by a fellow employee at the Navotas City fish port on Wednesday night.
Highlights of the festival, taking place today at venues across Bournville, include sessions with Ian Whybrow - the top 10 bestselling author of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.
Careys is closing, the deal is done Looking back, good memories unfold A meeting place for young and old It's been part of our lives for many years We will be shedding a bucketful of tears There will be nowhere else like it in years to come By January Careys will be gone But never forgotten Thanks for all the good times Yvonne Gelfs,Waterloo Court, Warwick.
I hate to say it, because I love the idea of 20,000-year-old tools, but those chips look like naturally occurring fragmented crystalline rocks like I found by the bucketful in Northern Arizona," wrote online commenter Kiplin.
While people in America were uploading their photos of ice bucket dumping, those contributing a bucketful of rice in India were also doing the same thing on the page.
WITH Liverpool off to a winning start in the Premiership on Sunday, captain Steven Gerrard, 34, celebrated by Kopping a bucketful for charity in the Anfield changing room.
As his illness progressed, Mr Evans-Thomas wanted to give something back to the hospitals that had helped him and he began raising money through the Adam's Bucketful of Hope appeal to refurbish the cancer ward at Withybush and build a new cancer day unit.
A source told a UK publication that the show needs some glamour for the next series and the former 'Coronation Street' star has it by the bucketful, the Mirror reported.
George White, four, or Blaydon, as Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs Anthony James Allen, aged four, of Walker, dressed up as Spiderman ?
They probably don't think of 84 hay bales, a large bottle of whisky and a bucketful of marshmallows.
She creates relatively large scale images, using rich hot colouring, and animates the surface of her pictures in jubilant flurries of spots, spatters, and drips seemingly by the bucketful.
AS it has now been confirmed that Ed Miliband's, Chris Huhne's and Ed Davey's energy policies have resulted in every job in Britain's wind farm industry being effectively subsidised, by the British people, to the extent of PS100,000 per year; we should also hold them accountable for using our money (in subsidies) to disfigure tens of thousands of homes across Britain, covering their roofs with unsightly solar panels, that haven't reduced what our power stations burn by as much as a bucketful.
Just what's required, the pelican eats a bucketful of fish.
Part of the prize was a 36-gallon beer barrel and the then John Lawrence, in his Daily Telegraph column, wrote that the barrel was opened on the journey home and one of the recipients was the horse, who enjoyed a bucketful of bitter.