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an unethical or overly aggressive brokerage firm

(formerly) a cheap saloon selling liquor by the bucket

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market in 1907 was something called "the bucket shops," which were betting saloons where people could spend the day, take out highly leveraged loans and make side bets on the performance of the markets.
The Bucket Shop has remained : steadily busy through the most recent industry downturn, and with activity only set to increase with the ramp-up of mining projects in the region by IAMGOLD, Goldcorp and Detour Lake, Woodward
The cost-conscious and more adventurous can do considerably better through bucket shop deals.
A 10,000-square-foot addition has enabled the Bucket Shop, a Timmins-based manufacturer and repairer of excavation equipment, to expand not only its shop space, but its workforce, capabilities and coverage area.
There was a delayed reaction for online bucket shop Lastminute.
Online auction house QXL Ricardo, bucket shop lastminute.
Long-suffering investors in online bucket shop lastminute.
While the company became famous as an online holiday bucket shop, sales of other goods and services have risen and now account for almost half its transactions.
The latest are two Oxford University graduates who set up an on-line bucket shop.
The malaise on our High Street which has seen the humbling of British Retailing's flagship stores has coincided with the rise of American-style bucket shop boutiques which peddle only the slip-shod and the unsightly.
It specialises in services not usual in a bucket shop - allocated seating and special needs.
Why should a good firm be undermined by other crooked companies, bucket shop companies, refusing to pay?
Practices need to stand out in the crowded market, and, unfortunately, thanks to the internet and discounted bucket shops, optometry is being dragged down to a commodity.
And the current weakness is not because of alleged bucket shops producing so-called low-tech product but rather because of the extreme frailty of one of the most important links in the supply chain: raw material suppliers.
3606 would be a boon to boiler room operators, Ponzi schemers, bucket shops, and garden variety fraudsters, by enabling them to cast a wider net, and making securities law enforcement much more difficult.