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a low single seat as in cars or planes

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The new stadium features bucket seats for spectator comfort, lifts and staircases to facilitate movement and a plush ground that meets international standards.
That's what I learned to drive on, a tractor like this,'' Thomas said from the bucket seat of the tractor, painted John Deere's trademark gleaming green and yellow.
The captain's chair, in reality, is a souped-up bucket seat from a '67 Porsche.
Since I'm short, it's a pleasure to sit high and not have a backache from a bucket seat.
However, if the government provide even a whiff of good news over the redevelopment of the national stadium, then chief executive Fran Rooney can at least plead his case to FIFA and get the bucket seat agreement
A large T-shirt can fit nicely over the back of a bucket seat.
Willie Anderson, leader of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team, said: "His mate abseiled down and created a bucket seat in deep snow on the ledge, securing him on ropes.
It can travel in any direction and contains two bucket seats that swivel to make it easy to get in and out.
all wheel drive, white in color, bucket seats in the front cloth fabric, rear bench style seat must be vinyl, am/fm cd radio, at least a 3.
Inside, there'll be bucket seats and other special trimmings.
The back seats have been replaced by a safety roll bar, there are Recaro bucket seats and suedecovered steering wheel with yellow stitching.
Interior Deep Recaro bucket seats hold in all the right places but are not easy to get in and out of and will not readily suit those of wider frame.
The Satria Neo features electric windows, reverse parking sensors and rear spoiler all as standard, plus a centre-mounted exhaust and race-inspired bucket seats.
You also get prominent wheel arches, a centre mounted exhaust and race-inspired bucket seats along with tuning for precise steering response, ABS, EBD and twin airbags.
Cosy Shopper: Mum-of-two Lisa Penn, 39, of Hemel Hempstead, wasn't happy putting her little girl in the cold, hard and often dirty bucket seats in trolleys.