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In Onion ORAM [13], the client based on the meta-data contained along the designated path and received from the server, constructs a selection vector pinpointing the block to select from each bucket along this designated path.
"I used to try to get a good time but now I collect with a bucket along the way.
The last thing supporters want to see is an undignified scramble through agent Willie McKay's bargain bucket along with the 'Best of Nick Kershaw' CDs and 'On the Buses' DVDs.
We will see a bucket along the highway and I will holler, "There's a bucket!" and they all say "No" you don't need that bucket you have enough buckets, and besides you don't have enough animals to feed that you need that bucket.
And they have told guests they don't want any presents - instead they are taking a big bucket along to fill for sick children at Zoe's Place in Middlesbrough.
Anyway, one dark night after the spring rains, my girlfriend Rosie and I wanted adventure and roared in the Pluke Bucket along his road, blowing the horn.
Put the grass seed into a bucket along with an equal quantity of sieved garden compost.
They think all they need to do is take their bucket along to the Lottery money machine every time they are short and it'll get filled.
The father said his daughter was playing with a bucket along with other kids when the incident happened.