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an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels

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There were some two hundred spectators, some watching from their buckboards, others perched on a board fence.
People from miles around would come in horse-drawn buckboards to collect her and her divining rod, driving her off to their Oklahoma pastures, and she'd tell them where to drill the well.
Minor actors, the common run of extras, if they weren't locals, all took the red trolley line to the ruins of the Long Wharf just north of Santa Monica Canyon, where buckboards awaited them.
This massive equestrian facility boasts acres of the most modern showgrounds imaginable, and once it was decorated with stagecoaches, buckboards with stagecoaches, fencing and hay bales, false-front buildings and other rustic props, the Equidome was transformed, almost magically, into a colorful western setting.
The "city folk" in the show will don elaborate costumes and ride in fancy carriages while the "bushmen" will sport whips and ride buckboards.
In early days this major thoroughfare was a dirt trail and the domain of buckboards and Model T Fords.
Our Ontario friends will buy here a pony or two--they have two buckboards.