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an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels

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Next morning we hitched up the cay use, loaded our outfit on the buckboard, and set out for Lamerton about 8:30.
Sewing machine cabinets, Amish certified organic grains, stainless sink drain boards, hand crank mixers, chicken roller egg nest boxes, buckboard seat benches, hunting calls and gun stocks are just some of the most popular items.
buckboard brought along to ease the travel for their ma'am and
DMS Buckboard Cafe, $1,879.54 in unpaid state Department of Revenue taxes.
These animals were "sturdy, wiry," but "mismatched" (63); for that reason, Ratliff eventually traded in his buckboard and unreliable equine team for "a model T Ford" (63): mechanical horsepower replaced the power of horses.
Daddy spoke of his childhood, riding with his uncle in a horse-drawn buckboard wagon from southern Kansas to Detroit to pick up the family's first Model T Ford and how in his 20s he owned several dump trucks that he and his five brothers used to haul coal to manufacturing plants.
Some older folks might dimly recall family stories of traveling by buckboard wagons on dirt roads or no roads at all.
This year's event features a display of antique cars as well the society's buckboard and carriage.
Generation X and Y cannot distinguish stagecoach from buckboard and 'surrey with the fringe on top'.
Usually Miller made good use of a horse and buckboard when commuting up
Amused by Schlesinger's surprisingly evenhanded review of one of my books, Vidal wrote, "As no bandwagon is complete without 'there is this pendulum' clinging to its buckboard, you seem to have launched a juggernaut out of Batavia." Not exactly.
The function of preparing the bed of the basic seed in the wheat and corn in the usual way (tillage with reverse plough + disc + buckboard) which is done after collecting or firing the remained, but cultivating wheat was cropped on the flat ground and corn in some places of the internal environment (because of limited water) and on the mound with 20-25 wheat and the distance of 75 centimeters.
Camelot Knight came from miles off the pace and 22lb out of the weights to finish third, while Buckboard Bounce stayed on into fourth.
Clifton: So let's say that you're all set to prospect for gold -- "Let's load up the buckboard. We're headed out to them thar hills." Then I come along and say, "What's cooking?
He loaded up his wagon with extra canisters of cream and bricks of butter wrapped in paper, packed them in ice, and pulled his heavy torso onto the buckboard seat.