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local names for a cowboy ('vaquero' is used especially in southwestern and central Texas and 'buckaroo' is used especially in California)

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Paul 37: Madison Ballard scored 18 points as the Dragons beat the Buckaroos at the St.
The calamity is avoided but there will be other trouble caused by Ben's orange slipknot and he will need to take responsibility and "mend his fences" if he wants to realize his dream of becoming a "true buckaroo" on this modern Nevada cattle ranch.
And Max calls his subscribers the "Bowser Buckaroos."
"If you don't have to hire another buckaroo or buy another pickup," de Braga explains, "to add a few hundred head ..." well, that's efficiency in anyone's book.
But if the unbridled success of the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, is any indication, aspiring buckaroos may need to add a fourth R to their curriculum: recitin'.
To Foreman and the redneck "buckaroos" of Earth First!, "when all else failed, public relations was a satisfying palliative to losing the battle against environmental destruction." Scott, on the other hand, "never lost his belief that the system worked--if you knew how to work it." Since the latter position still characterizes the Sierra Club's approach, members will find the debate of particular interest.
Paul 29, Creswell 21: Creswell raced to a quick start, leading 13-0 before the Buckaroos climbed back to tie the game 13-all and then stopped the Bulldogs on the goal line just before halftime.
But the Smackover Buckaroos have after the Stephens high school star ripped them for 36 points in a Feb.
As he attempts to undo the disaster he created, he learns some old-time cowboy skills from the "true buckaroos of the bunk house," who deliver good-natured teasing to "Bad-news Ben."
In the early 1970s, Brian Coll and the Buckaroos enjoyed huge popularity all over the country.
He always had a good band and the Buckaroos were a top class outfit.
In fact, there are those who suggest that Mr Kerry and the buckaroos on said boat were quite a handy bunch of lads, lashing out the lead into the bodies of Vietnamese people -- in their homeland, remember -- whom they described as rebels, insurgents, terrorists, etc, much akin to Iraq today.
Photo: Back near the saddle again: quartet of Nevada buckaroos shows off gear available at Elko-based J.
Lowell was 11-2 last year and both of its losses were to the Buckaroos by a combined 164-70.
"While I still treasure those early vinyl recordings that made such an impression on me, I am happy to have Buck Owens and The Buckaroos on CD these days to accompany me during the many hours I spend driving around the country.