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local names for a cowboy ('vaquero' is used especially in southwestern and central Texas and 'buckaroo' is used especially in California)

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Buckaroo chose Fiserv to help meet its AML risk mitigation and detection requirements, enhance its customer experience, and support their future growth.
Buckaroo Family is a social initiative dedicated to helping young parents nurture money-smart families.
Fortunately for the bombed buckaroo, the monster croc had already been well-fed and weather was cold, so he was kinda sluggish.
It houses a number of top notch brands like Buckaroo, Alberto, Clarks, Phillipe, Playboy, Canvax, Lee Cooper, Playboy, Ganuchi, etc.
Hollywood Buckaroo tells the improbable and unintentional coming of age of Sander Sanderson, whose filmmaking aspirations are in the toilet after the death of his father, a successful Hollywood plumber.
Probably so he can stock up on some Cluedo and Buckaroo.
Davis is a buckaroo (cowboy of the Vaquero tradition of the Great Basin and California region, particularly one skilled in the handling of horses) and an educator, teaching clinics on horsemanship, roping, and low-stress livestock handling.
Our signature cocktail now at Kingdom is also one of our most popular and is called the Buckaroo, containing the likes of rum, chilli and fresh lime, to name but a few ingredients.
Buckaroo Mercantile offers several versions of the quirky commode cover, but we especially like the blue Miss Flying Saucer ($40, buckmerc.
Highlights, which organisers hope will become an annual event, included Song for Europe, the Golden Cleric awards and Buckaroo speed dating.
Hasbro makes some of the most popular board games of all time including Monopoly, Cluedo, Twister, Buckaroo, Operation, Connect 4 and Guess Who?
Less Buckaroo Banzai and more George Strait to the heart.
First, I tried the Buckaroo Bean Chili, a vegetarian soup that featured layered flavors of chili and cayenne throughout a tomato-spiked puree of pinto beans, diced belt peppers and onion.
Chefs with an eye toward great taste and an inspired use of ingredients with regional and ethnic themes developed the new vegetarian microwaveable soup line in 16 varieties, including: Creamy Potato Leek; Split Pea; Classic French Onion; Tuscan Tomato and Shells; Southwest Tortilla Bean; Mamma's Minestrone; Summer Vegetable with Rice; Vegetarian Chicken Noodle; Buckaroo Bean Chili; Great Lakes Cheddar Broccoli; Baja Black Bean; Spicy Thai; Hot and Sour; Green Onion Miso with Tofu; Three Onion Noodle and Sesame Miso.