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having protruding upper front teeth

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Young Wheeler and his team, including his father Tom, had scouted big, buck-toothed fiddler-crunchers for weeks before the event.
The keeper guesses the right way in the shootout, but there's no keeping out another classy effort from buck-toothed RONNIE as he sends the ball high into net.
The buck-toothed rodents live in large hierarchical societies, like bees and ants, with hundreds of the critters packed into a network of tunnels.
Mind you, that's an improvement on his last freebie holiday, when he romped with bisexual Isle of Man Druid High Priestess aka Mrs Robin Gibb, the wife of the buck-toothed Bee Gee.
Then the buck-toothed, singing, miming, musical gagster found an outlet for his unique style on TV, making many appearances on Sunday Night At The Palladium.
Rolling up to the park a few hours later, I was greeted by a small group of buck-toothed yokels all talking frantically.
Now, when you've got characters named Sister Constance Butterworth, Reverend Tollhouse and Brother Nathaniel Brightbee; when your buck-toothed heroine sweats profusely and ends up employed at the Plymouth Crock Family restaurant; when a key piece of costumery is a Mr.
President Bush nominates a brilliant thinker with a host of personal and public accomplishments who happens to be a woman and black and NCR's response is to choose a cartoon that portrays her as a buck-toothed parrot.
And the strip's ever-caustic feline, Bucky Katt, doesn't exactly have warm and fuzzy things to say about the buck-toothed stuffed
Buck-toothed Ronaldo earns pounds 4m a year with Real Madrid while Milene plays for Fiamma Monza close to Milan.
The buck-toothed soccer sensation is nominated for two individual and one team award following his dramatic return to form in the 2002 World Cup.
I'm particularly proud of the photo montage I've done which shows Claudia Schiffer running her fingers through the mane of a big nosed, buck-toothed fellow with a look of supreme admiration on her face.
The buck-toothed Inter Milan striker scored his first international goal in over two years in last Saturday's friendly win over Malaysia and Juninho has no doubts that he is back.
And the diminutive wood-and-plaster sculptures He Varies His Ills to Vary His Pleasure, with its buck-toothed bunny, and the informe Decidua, with its dual reference to "deciduous" baby teeth and the uterine membrane shed at childbirth (the decidua), offered ruminations on life, loss, and teeth in the animal kingdom, where utility overrides aesthetic concerns.
As the buck-toothed Dr Prunesquallor, John Sessions appears to be wearing a badger suffering from a massive electric shock.