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having protruding upper front teeth

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"Why don't you go buffoon around with a naked buck tooth? Looks great without a crown!" Said the dentist.
With her warts, bulbous nose and single buck tooth, Nanny McPhee looks more like a witch than Mary Poppins.
Two large color photos, Buck Tooth Beauty and Buck Tooth Beauty with Braces, documented the expressive teeth of a pair of young women close to the artist (an art student/professional dominatrix and Cranston's baby-sitter), while two paintings, Red Sporty and Big Red, with sets of teeth cast in a red field, reflected more abstractly on the theme.
She was like a vision from the early 1970s - long black ears, fluffy white tail, perfectly manicured and not a buck tooth in sight.
Romberg's disease), excessive facial height, lop ears, cleft lip/palate, buck tooth deformity, anopthalmos and micropthalmos, anencephaly, "frog face" (Crouzon's disease), mocrotia, and colombomata of the lower eyelids.