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an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines

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Drafted as a buck private, worked his way up to executive assistant adjutant general of 1st Air Division in England.
You're acting like a buck private trying to tell a general how to do his job,'' Holden said.
Fully restored titles to date include All Quiet on the Western Front, The Birds, Buck Privates, Dracula (1931), Dracula Spanish (1931), Frankenstein, Jaws, Schindler's List, Out of Africa, Pillow Talk, Bride of Frankenstein,The Sting, To Kill a Mockingbird, Touch of Evil, Double Indemnity, High Plains Drifter, and Holiday Inn.
World War II was an occasion not only for solemn unity of purpose but for stupid comedies like Abbott and Costello's Buck Privates and Hal Roach's The Devil With Hitler, a two-reeler so bad it should have been deployed as a terror weapon itself.
I particularly commend the sidelong but clear analysis of how Sergeants in our Ultra-Prussian Army speak to buck privates.
The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B was a great hit for The Andrews Sisters who performed it in two movies - Buck Privates (1951) and Swingtime Johnny (1944).
We salute the doughboys, the GI's, the buck privates, and, yes, the officers, the generals, as well -- soldiers of all ranks and roles.