buck fever

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nervous excitement of an inexperienced hunter

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In fact, it worked so well that I really experience only remnants of the buck fever that once caused me to miss an embarrassing amount of critters.
Sometimes hunters buy a new rifle before the season as a remedy for buck fever.
He published three verse collections: Buck Fever (1929), Second Wisdom (1936), and The Enchanted Grindstone and Other Poems (1952).
The Buck Fever Papers, not published until 1972, are stories of this time.
Videos by Rowdy experts like Buzz Cutler and Buck Fever are shot both on-set and live at NASCAR events.
Most of us suffer from some level of buck fever, whether we admit it or not, and that meltdown-inducing mental state gets worse each season we don't kill.
Add in the capacity of a large set of antlers to cause a massive mental meltdown, and it's easy to understand why even seasoned veterans get weak in the knees and succumb to buck fever.
You can have one-a-month, or one-a-week, match-pressure sessions to let you learn to deal with buck fever before your buck appears out of the mist.
Meanwhile, we'll help fuel buck fever by hitting some other hunting highlights, including Oregon's first black-tailed deer management plan, auction and raffle tags, and proposed increases in hunting fees.
When a big buck starts walking my way and buck fever starts setting in and my heart rate is going through the roof, I use the same techniques to try and calm myself down and breathe so I can take a nice, controlled shot on the animal as I do when my nerves really act up in a competition.
That doesn't excuse a bonehead move like tossing a perfectly good rest onto the ground to shoot (at) a deer, but buck fever and a lack of familiarity with the process might.
At that point the buck stood up, and that was when buck fever kicked into high gear.
Larry Weishuhn was in the midst of about of buck fever, and he knew it.
Hunting lore has many examples of the strange malady known as buck fever.