buck fever

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nervous excitement of an inexperienced hunter

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Reaching for his Hoyt RX-1 bow, the archer had no time to get a bad case of buck fever. Confident Mufasa couldn't see or smell him, Luke slowly sucked the bow back to full draw and prepared to send a Black Eagle Spartan arrow and 100-grain Grim Reaper Whitetail Special broadhead downrange.
At its most basic level, buck fever is a form of performance anxiety.
"Without question, buck fever can change the perspective of what you think happened," explains DeCroo.
It was like the worst case of buck fever you have ever seen.
And buck fever appears to be burning a little hotter in Oregon.
I looked through the scope and saw a beautiful 9-point buck, at which time I got a serious case of buck fever. Approximately 25 deer were in the clearing around the feeder when he strolled in.
In an unpublished piece he tells how he invented the fictional Buck Fever (of the business firm "Fever and Ague" [p.
Sometimes hunters buy a new rifle before the season as a remedy for buck fever. A scope is sold along with almost every long gun going out of the store.
Writers who wrote behind the mask of another identity excerpted here include Benjamin Franklin (Silence Dogood, Busy-Body), Philip Freneau (Tomo Cheeki), James Russell Lowell (Hosy Biglow), Charles Farrar Browne (Artemus Ward), Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Joel Chandler Harris (Uncle Remus), Sherwood Anderson (Buck Fever).
He published three verse collections: Buck Fever (1929), Second Wisdom (1936), and The Enchanted Grindstone and Other Poems (1952).
The Buck Fever Papers, not published until 1972, are stories of this time.
We all suffer from buck fever to varying degrees, and it gets only worse when the time of the encounter is compressed.
Because of the angle of the shot and a touch of "buck fever wiggle" on my part, I suspected that I may have hit him a bit far back.
In fact, it worked so well that I really experience only remnants of the buck fever that once caused me to miss an embarrassing amount of critters.
Buck fever is in full swing in November as gun season cranks up this month in all three hunting zones.