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6 TO SERVE Pip serves Buck's Fizz any time of day, but particularly recommends it with Gale's Brunch menu, served after 11am on Sundays.
Amid a certain amount of acrimony, Mike returned to launch his own version of Buck's Fizz with David Van Day, Lianna Lee and Sally Jacks.
There have been various line-up changes, but Bobby G's version of Buck's Fizz still perform live regularly with cover versions and their hits from the 80s.
Trouble At The Top (BBC2, Thursday) may have been reviewed on this page before, but this week's look at the trials and tribulations of a postfamous Buck's Fizz has to be the funniest programme on television in the last seven days, with the exception of The Office (repeat, BBC2, Monday).
However, Van Day, under the impression that his input constituted a partnership, formed a rival Buck's Fizz with founder member Mike Nolan, and two outfits toured the country for four years until the row was heard in the High Court.
Trouble At The Top (BBC 2) HAVE you heard about the woman who booked a Buck's Fizz tribute act for her hen party?
At the weekend, the superstar couple popped into their local mini-mart for a bag of frozen chips, a jar of baby food for Brooklyn, and a pounds 3.99 bottle of Buck's Fizz.
He says he wants to mould a band that will be a cross between former Eurovision winners ABBA and Buck's Fizz - with a bit of Irish magic thrown in.
The English Provender Company has just launched a new "Buck's Fizz" marmalade with a dash of bubbly to give your toast some extra sparkle for a morning pick-me-up.