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Synonyms for buccula

a fold of fatty tissue under the chin


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Digestive tract contents from 486 smalleye shiner Notropis buccula and 475 sharpnose shiner N.
Ventral coloration: head black with outer margin of buccula yellow; rostral segment I black, II dark orange, and III-IV yellow (apex of IV black); prothorax black with anterior margin yellow, and outer and posterior margin of propleuron shiny orange; mesothorax black, with posterior margin partially shiny orange; metathorax black; ostiolar peritreme black; coxae, trochanters, and femora shiny orange; tibiae and tarsi yellow; abdominal sterna black with upper margin of pleural margin shiny orange; genital capsule black.
The cyprinid species Hybognathus placitus and Notropis buccula, which were abundant in pre-impoundment collections, have become extirpated, or nearly so, since the river was impounded.
COLORATION: Similar to males, differing as follows: Head: Brown, more fuscous along frontal sutures and undersurface, buccula pale brownish yellow; eyes dark brown, tinged with red along margins.
Head: vertex pale with sparse brown or reddish dots, transverse fascia sometimes distinct, then pale brown; mandibular and maxillary plates suffused with orange, dorsal portion of mandibular plate whitish; clypeus pale sometimes with brown or reddish dots, distally suffused with brown; gena pale brown or orange; buccula whitish; gula pale or suffused with pale brown; antennal segments and labium as in generic description.
Head partly pale brown; buccula reddish brown along ventral margin.
3A, H); antennal insertion situated close to margin of eye; buccula short, restricted to basal third of ventral side of head, labrum highly elevated, crestlike, semicircular in lateral view (Fig.