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a muscle that flattens the cheek and retracts the angle of the mouth

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The aim of the therapies was to strengthen lingual musculature, buccinator, lips, masseter and musculature of the facial mime, as well as to work on tongue mobility, buccinator, bilateral mastication and speech training, as well as stretch the tongue musculature in the case of one subject (20%) who had a short lingual frenulum.
Enzymehistochemical and morphological characteristics of muscle fibre types in the human buccinator and orbicularis oris.
The buccinator muscle, pterygomandibular raphe, and retromolar trigone are well delineated with cheek distension, and the location of a tumor on the buccal mucosa or gingival mucosa is clearly identified.
The buccal fat pad is attached by 6 ligaments to the maxilla, posterior zygoma, and inner and outer rims of the infra-orbital fissure, temporalis tendon and buccinator membrane.
During the first one, the upper lip and the nasolabial folds are contracted, with participation of the levator labii superioris, the zygomatic major muscle, and some upper fibers of the buccinator.
We used a long-term data set on a northern breeding bird that relies on wetlands for nesting, the trumpeter swan Cygnus buccinator, to complete one of the first detailed examinations of the potential effects of climate change on the breeding range of an avian species.
The bolus is introduced to the oral cavity; thereafter there is interaction between orbicularis oris, buccinator and the muscles of mastication to adequately prepare the bolus for the pharyngeal stage.
The buccinator [beksimitar] muscles form the insides of the cheeks.
Buccinator foramen--without medial wall, open below pterygoid (1); with a bony shelf on foramen floor beside alisphenoid (2); with a shelf and medial wall or partial wall enclosing foramen (3).
Junior 7 & 8 tongue throat stomach sternum radius thigh kidney eardrum enamel trachea bronchi muscle shoulder tissue plasma Advanced 9 & 10 scapula mandible stapes incus tarsus maxilla carpals bicuspid masseter hyoid carotid lacrimal jugular thyroid cerebrum parietal temporal occipital Super 11 & 12 vertebra pituitary alveoli eustachian tube sphenoid incisor canine platysma buccinator tropezius maxillary sinus sternocleidomastoid metatarsals trochlea mental foramen
rossii (Cassin), Ross's goose I R Clangula hyemalis (Linnacus), N O long-tailed duck Cygnus buccinator Richardson, I R trumpeter swan C.
The trumpeter's scientific name, Cygnus buccinator, refers to the resonating sounds for which this swan is famous.
This branch seems to be involved in the innervation of the retromolar trigone mucosa, third molar, part of the buccal mucosa, and fibres of the buccinator and temporalis muscles (Kodera & Hashimoto; Bilecenoglu & Tuncer, 2006).
In addition to prevent movement of the buccinator muscle and lips, an acrylic lip retractor was used [Figure 1].