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lying within the mouth

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oriented toward the inside of the cheek

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Caption: Figure 1: Clinical picture is showing crossbite with 12, 14, 15, and 16; and there was severe crowding of the upper and lower arches with unerupted 13 and buccally placed 33
Key Words: Buccally Displaced Canines; Peg Laterals.
Another reason is the straightening of buccally aligned maxillary molars and lingually tilted mandibular molars as already mentioned.
8) The most frequent form of use is by placing the pills in the vagina, or in the mouth sublingually or buccally, using a dosage that is related to the number of weeks of pregnancy from the last menstrual period.
In the production process of the custom tray, the mandibular wax spacer, which is used to create space in selected areas of the tray, should cover the anterior labial areas and posterior lingual areas, when sufficient denture space exists extend buccally and lingually from the ridge crest.
For a Class II correction, the mandibular posterior segments were directed to erupt vertically and mesially, while the maxillary teeth were directed distally and buccally.
60) Following the deaths, Planned Parenthood shifted its practice and began prescribing mifepristone to be taken orally or buccally, between the cheek and gums, instead of vaginally.
If the supernumerary moves in the same direction as the tube shift, it lies in a palatal position, but if it moves in the opposite direction then it lies buccally.
Placement of the implant along the long axis of the extraction socket (long axis of the root) in these situations may result in buccally angulated implants.
Nifedipine is an alternative drug administered via a 10 mg oral tablet (not a slow-release tablet); it should not be given sublingually, chewed, bitten or used buccally.
On extra-oral examination he had an obvious soft tissue swelling emanating from his parotid, and extending buccally towards the mental foramen.
The maxillary incisor 12 was in a palatal position with 13 buccally placed.
The cingulum surrounds the tooth anteriorly, buccally and posteriorly but it is prominent posteriorly where it forms a talon ridge enclosing a shallow valley.