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Synonyms for vestibule

Synonyms for vestibule

a large entrance or reception room or area

any of various bodily cavities leading to another cavity (as of the ear or vagina)

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For selected patients with suspected tumor involvement of the buccal vestibule or adjacent area, puffed-cheek CT may serve as a worthy supplement to conventional CT.
An 84-year-old female was referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for the investigation and management of a longstanding lump in the left mandibular buccal vestibule.
However, it can be difficult to position the HVE shaft on the buccal side so that it is not interfering with the dentist's placement of the instruments, especially if there is limited space between the ramus aspect of the mandible and the buccal aspect of the maxillary posterior area, or if tight cheek muscles prevent thick objects like the HVE shaft from accessing the maxillary buccal vestibule.
Intraorally she had missing mandible on right side, firm to hard, painless, nontender swelling right buccal vestibule along with normal mucous membrane.
To gain access to the buccal fat pad, it was either approached through the resection field or a 2cm incision was made in the buccal vestibule near the 2nd maxillary molar tooth.