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Synonyms for tube

a hollow cylindrical shape


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an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

provide with a tube or insert a tube into

convey in a tube

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ride or float on an inflated tube

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place or enclose in a tube

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Remarks: Lateral face, hemispherical shell, domed, slightly wavy, with border at the edge of the shell and buccal tube external to the shell, with collarette at the extremity of the pseudostoma.
The fixed braces segment is further categorized into brackets (conventional brackets, self-ligating brackets, and lingual brackets), archwires (beta titanium archwires, nickel titanium archwires, and stainless steel archwires), anchorage appliances (bands and buccal tubes and miniscrews), and ligatures (elastomeric ligatures and wire ligatures).
In the present study, I document the process of foregut development in Conus lividus Hwass in Bruguiere, 1792, with particular emphasis on events that generate the elongate buccal tube and basal position of the buccal mass in this species.
These characters are: (1) anteroventral mouth; (2) oral cavity teeth absent or strongly reduced; (3) rigid, narrow buccal tube (width pt=12); (4) buccal tube thickened below the point of insertion of stylet supports; (5) stylet supports inserted at a considerable distance from the posterior end of the buccal tube (pt=73); (6) short ventral lamina (pt=73); (7) short macroplacoid row length (pt=42); (8) double curvature of the buccal tube; (9) first macroplacoid located very close to the pharyngeal apophyses; and (10) three almost rounded macroplacoids.
Latin America Orthodontic Supplies Market by Removable & Fixed Braces (Brackets (Self Ligating, Lingual), Archwire (Nickel Titanium, Stainless Steel), Anchorage Appliances (Buccal Tube, Band), Ligature (Elastomeric, Wire)) & Adhesives - Forecast to 2020
Global Orthodontic Supplies Market Taxonomy: By Product type Fixed Braces Removable Braces Adhesives By Bracket type Conventional Brackets Self-ligating Brackets Lingual Brackets By Material Metal/Traditional Brackets Ceramic/Aesthetic Brackets Archwires Beta Titanium Nickel Titanium Stainless Steel Anchorage Appliances Bands and Buccal Tubes Mini-screws Ligatures Elastomeric Ligatures Wire Ligatures Have a doubt?
Ortho Technology, set up in 1991, employs some 90 staff and supplies brackets, bands, buccal tubes, archwires, adhesives, laboratory supplies and patient accessories to more than 10,000 customers globally, through direct sales in the US and distributors internationally.
From the state-of-the-art In-Ovation line of brackets, force-intuitive wires and highly efficient buccal tubes, to auxiliary appliances and innovative software programs, DENTSPLY GAC remains dedicated to maximizing results while enhancing patient comfort, aesthetics for overall satisfaction.