buccal cavity

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the cavity between the jaws and the cheeks

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Morphological adaptation of the buccal cavity in relation to feeding habits of the omnivorous fish Clarias gariepinus: A scanning electron microscopic study.
Different body parts of fish such as; head, eyes, operculum, gills, buccal cavity, skin and all fins were examined for fungal infection.
The claim relates to the company's Nutriose[R] fibre, a non-fermentable carbohydrate in the buccal cavity and the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.
In patients, most tumors were seen in buccal cavity (54%) followed by tongue (24%).
Further, for prolonged retention in buccal cavity the formulation should have higher adhesiveness.
A sensory panel was used to test faster absorption through the buccal cavity, which will result in earlier onset of action against motion sickness.
The parts of the digestive tract from anterior to posterior are the buccal cavity, pharynx, esophagus, crop, proventriculus, midgut (with associated gastric caeca), ventriculus, ilieum, colon, rectum, and anus.
I use the term buccal mass to refer to both the buccal cavity and the radular apparatus (radular sac, radular teeth, and the muscles and sometimes cartilages that facilitate functioning of the radular apparatus).
The fresh stems were peeled to remove the thorns and the flesh was chewed and/or retained in the buccal cavity before swallowing (Van Wyk and Gericke 2000; Lee and Balick 2007; Glasl 2009).
The DelRX system delivers homeopathics and critical therapeutic drugs through the oral mucosa of the buccal cavity.
Larvae were characterized by a short buccal cavity, a sharply pointed tail, and the presence of a noticeable midsection genital primordium.
The phonatory accommodations (buccopharyngeal positions) required for proper vocal emission are not always compatible with the articulatory accommodations (positioning of the buccal cavity) necessary to phoneme production.
By an enzyme-histochemical method, leucine aminopeptidase reactivity was localized principally within the cytoplasm of granulated cells in the buccal cavity, esophagus, esophageal pouch, hepatopancreas, and the third intestinal region, which implies that these sites are responsible for the synthesis and secretion of this peptidase for the digestion of proteinaceous nutrients.