buccal cavity

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the cavity between the jaws and the cheeks

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Subradular cartilage expanded in exposed region of radula into buccal cavity (Fig.
The first type of MC appears like goblet cells containing large mucin granules in the apical part, which tend to be dissolved away as shown in buccal cavity, esophagus, and stomach: whereas the second type is usually loaded with small tightly packed mucin granules as shown in the crop and intestine.
Lesions of the buccal cavity can be accompanied by cicatricial involution.
Hypothesis 1: Vertebrate herbivores will express steroid hormone receptors in the buccal cavity and/or the vomeronasal organ.
melanogaster larva is situated between the buccal cavity and the esophagus.
Lips, tongue and mouth are absent, replaced with a tight integument covering the buccal cavity.
We Reiterate that the High Hurdles with the Inhaled Route of Insulin Delivery are Not Likely to be Observed with Buccal Cavity (Oral) Delivery of Insulin Concerns continue to grow that inhaled insulins, such as Exubera, may all be plagued by the observation of an early, non-progressive decline in lung function that does not improve over long-term use of Exubera, as well as problems associated with formulation of insulin into inhalable powder form.
The technology incorporates the use of excipients to facilitate the absorption of large drug molecules through the mucous membranes in the buccal cavity.
Striant utilizes Columbia's patented progressive hydration technology to achieve controlled and sustained delivery of testosterone via the buccal cavity.
Cytokine PharmaSciences is focused on the use of polymers for the delivery of drugs to the vagina or buccal cavity, as well as the development of novel targets and therapeutic agents for the treatment of inflammation, autoimmune diseases and cancer.