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This is done by creating pre-defined ripples on the buccal aspect of all anterior cases so as to disperse light within the crown, giving it a more naturally aesthetic appearance.
8%) only on the buccal aspect of the mandibular incisors.
Ideally, the assistant would position the HVE inlet on the buccal aspect of the teeth that the dentist is working on, with the inlet approximately at a right angle to the occlusal surface of the teeth, or with the inlet slightly occlusal to the occhsal surface and facing the occlusal surface.
Surgical Technique: Under local anesthesia with vasoconstrictor, incision was made with two releasing incision and a circular incision around the oroantral fistula on buccal aspect.
Methods: An autogenous bone block graft was harvested from mandibular symphysis, fixed on buccal aspect of edentulous crest with titanium miniscrews, covered first by autogenous bone chips and xenograft particles, and second with a resorbable barrier membrane.