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lying within the mouth

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oriented toward the inside of the cheek

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The graft was inserted in the pouch and sutured into the buccal aspect of the socket at the level of the gingival margin with a 5-0 Polyglactin 910 suture (Vicryl; Ethicon, Brazil) (Figure 4(a)).
A gutter of bone is made around the buccal aspect of the tooth to expose the cemento- enamel junction (CEJ).
(a) the buccal aspect of the mandibular canal and the outer buccal cortical margin of the mandible (Line B; Figure 1),
Among the children with calculus, 30 children (57.7%) had calculus accumulation on the lingual aspects of the mandibular incisors, 17 children (32.7%) on the lingual and buccal aspects of the mandibular incisors and 3 children (5.8%) only on the buccal aspect of the mandibular incisors.
Ideally, the assistant would position the HVE inlet on the buccal aspect of the teeth that the dentist is working on, with the inlet approximately at a right angle to the occlusal surface of the teeth, or with the inlet slightly occlusal to the occhsal surface and facing the occlusal surface.
Some consider it a true neoplasm, and others classify it as a reactive condition triggered by trauma, because peripheral osteomas generally are located on the lower border or buccal aspect of the mandible, which are often trauma prone areas.