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lying within the mouth

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oriented toward the inside of the cheek

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Therefore, the aim of this study was to establish morphometric characteristics of the buccal cortical bone (BCB) thickness of maxillary premolars and its relation to maxillary sinus floor through CBCT.
(NASDAQ: AQST), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing differentiated products that meet patients' unmet needs and solve therapeutic problems, today announced topline results from the recently completed single dose crossover study for Libervant (diazepam) Buccal Film, which is in development for the management of select patients with refractory epilepsy who require treatment to control episodes of increased seizure activity, or 'seizure clusters.'
Most buccal carcinomas are commonly assessed by CT scans where the tumour may be isodense to the adjacent muscles making accurate assessment of tumour thickness difficult.
A comparison of vaginal versus buccal misoprostol for cervical ripening in women for labor induction at term (the IMPROVE trial): a triple masked randomized controlled trial.
A known case of diabetes mellitus with a good glycaemic control, came with a lesion over the left buccal mucosa for the past three years which was gradually increasing in size.
GABA-like immunoreactivity (GABAli) was initially localized to small neurons in the buccal, cerebral, and pedal ganglia in the terrestrial slug Limax maximus (Cooke and Gelperin, 1988).
The percentage of occurrence of ulcers in different sites of mouth as labial mucosa, buccal mucosa, tongue, soft palate, and floor of mouth was 25.9%, 44.4%, 33.3%, 0%, 3.7% respectively.
Key Words: Maxillary tooth; Lidocaine; Buccal infiltration; Local anesthesia, Pain.
Half strip of buccal graft was then sutured in dorsal inlay according to Asopa technique while the other half strip of the graft was placed as a ventral onlay (Figure 1).
Sector 12 was pointing to buccal, Sector 3 to mesial, Sector 6 to lingual and Sector 9 to distal.
Intraoral examination revealed no obvious swelling with intact oral mucosa, and scattered foci of Fordyce's spots were seen on the buccal mucosa (Figure 1(b)).
In OLP patients, buccal mucosa, gingiva, tongue, labial mucosa, and vermilion of the lower lip are the most common affected sites [1-4].
For this reason, several buccal formulations like gels [4, 5], mucoadhesive tablets [6-8], patches, and buccal films [9-15] have been developed using polymers that allow the most direct contact with the mucosa and provide a prolonged release of the drug, reducing the need for administration of repeated doses [10, 16].
Sirgo led the company through the clinical development, US Food and Drug Administration approvals and launches of Onsolis (fentanyl buccal soluble film), Bunavail (buprenorphine and naloxone) buccal film and Belbuca (buprenorphine) buccal film, while simultaneously transforming BDSI into a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company.