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a lymph node that is inflamed and swollen because of plague or gonorrhea or tuberculosis

a genus of Strigidae

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Although the initial gram stain was negative for Yersinia, clinical suspicion pointed to a diagnosis of bubonic plague.
Out of the reported cases, 882 were classified as pneumonic plague, 221 were bubonic and 1 was septicaemic.
Bubonic plague was one of the strains that made up the great wave of epidemics known as the Black Death, thought to have killed two thirds of people in Europe in the 14th century.
We generally assume that all individuals from each population are susceptible to the disease, the recovered individuals confer temporary immunity and return to be susceptible again, and the infectious are all individuals with either bubonic plague or pneumonic or septicemic plague.
The flea bitten infected humans fall ill with the so-called bubonic plague.
Strength Plus, launched in May last year, was based on the "Four Thieves Vinegar" or "Marseilles Vinegar," a concoction believed to have protected the users from the bubonic plague that had swept across Europe in the 1700s.
They were believed to be bubonic plague victims but research led by a team from the Edinburgh City Council have dated them back to the 6th century.
The Duchess of Cornwall looked at the sodden article, which Murray had catapulted into the royal box after his win against Robin Haase, like it was a rat with bubonic plague.
She became severely ill while administering medicine to Gikondi residents who had contracted bubonic plague.
Flea-carrying rats have long been blamed for spreading the bubonic plague, which swept Europe in the mid-1300s and killed an estimated 25 million people.
However, Dr Loretta Wade isn't convinced this case is as straightforward as it first seems, and she eventually identifies the cause of death as bubonic plague.
Humans usually develop the bubonic form of the plague after being bitten by an infected flea carried by rodents.