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a lymph node that is inflamed and swollen because of plague or gonorrhea or tuberculosis

a genus of Strigidae

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The identification of exclusively cervical buboes was unexpected, but it is not clear that examination of inguinal or axillary areas was performed consistently.
Inguinal bubo syndrome characteristically presents with 1 or more papules or ulcers in the inguinal region, accompanied by unilateral and bilateral lymphadenopathy, called buboes (95).
The swellings-called buboes (BYOO-bohs)-- grew hard, oozed blood and pus, and eventually burst.
The classic form involves infection of the inguinal lymphatics and lymph nodes, resulting in buboes that can make walking difficult.
The afflicted were depicted with plague buboes on their necks, in their armpits or in their groins, but often they were shown more decorously with a bubo on the upper thigh, pointing to an armpit, with gray skin (alluding to subcutaneous hemorrhaging), or simply in a languishing state.
One week later and my buboes have all but disappeared, although I'm none the wiser as to why they arrived in the first place.
Only about a sixth of the contemporary sources studied by Cohn mention skin disorders ("spots" or boils), but large buboes, generally in the groin area where fleas bite, are the typical sign of modern plague.
The bubonic bacillus, Yersinia pestis, carried by flea vectors on rats and other fur-bearing rodent-like animals, upon infecting humans makes its way into the lymphatic system, causing the lymph nodes to bulge and form dark pustular buboes (hence our colloquial term boo-boo, used to describe childhood injuries).