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a lymph node that is inflamed and swollen because of plague or gonorrhea or tuberculosis

a genus of Strigidae

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Initially lymphadenopathy may not be striking, but with the progression of the disease, buboes are the dominating and prominent feature of the disease.
Some of this hearsay was consistent, especially that plague buboes developed in plague patients; most often these were visible on the neck because patients were not physically examined.
Characterised by buboes (large swellings in the lymph nodes) and high fever, it is thought four out of five who contracted the plague died within eight days.
Later, it officially became known as the bubonic plague, after the buboes, or lumps that erupted on victims' skin.
Although some of the depositions mention buboes, the lymph node swellings characteristic of (but not unique to) bubonic plague, the most common "signs of the plague" were lenticulae (freckles) or pestilentialis punturae (pestilential points) - in other words, darkish points or pustules covering large areas of the body.
The most obvious symptom is swelling of the lymphatic glands nearest the point of the infected bite or skin lesion into large, hard and painful tumors called buboes.
In July 2008, three patients came to Laghouat University Hospital with signs of severe infection and painful, inflamed, enlarged lymph nodes suggestive of buboes.
He concluded that the disease may have been bubonic plague and supported his proposal by noting that there were abundant fleas in Indian dwellings, survivors had sores suggestive of buboes, and plague was endemic in London during 1606-1611.