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Synonyms for bubbling

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

Synonyms for bubbling

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

marked by high spirits or excitement

References in classic literature ?
While the coachman and a servant were replacing the wheel, the lady and gentleman sheltered themselves beneath the maple-trees, and there espied the bubbling fountain, and David Swan asleep beside it.
The large drops fell bubbling into the water shortly after our leaving the ship, and by the time we had affected a landing it poured down in torrents.
The long, dark streak of the gliding weapon, and the little bubbling vortex which followed its rapid flight, were easily to be seen: but it was not until the handle snot again into the air by its own reaction, and its master catching it in his hand, threw its tines uppermost, that Elizabeth was acquainted with the success of the blow.
Clearly the General was almost out of his mind with joy, for he was talking all sorts of nonsense, and bubbling over with a long-drawn, nervous laugh--a laugh which twisted his face into innumerable wrinkles, and caused his eyes almost to disappear.
When Planchet heard the provoking sound of the silver and gold -- when he saw bubbling out of the bags the shining crowns, which glittered like fish from the sweep-net -- when he felt himself plunging his hands up to the elbow in that still rising tide of yellow and white coins, a giddiness seized him, and like a man struck by lightning, he sank heavily down upon the enormous heap, which his weight caused to roll away in all directions.
Another and another follows with a swash and a suck and a savage bubbling of relieved pressures.
When they whistled for a wind only the rain came in spiky rods, bubbling and drumming, and behind the rain the thunder and the lightning of mid-August.
He threw the blanket off his face, and raised himself suddenly with the terrible, bubbling, meaningless yell of the Asiatic roused by nightmare.
As the sun rose it changed into bubbling seas of red gold, churned off, and let the low rays stripe the dried grass on which Mowgli and Bagheera were resting.
The face with its brilliant depth of complexion had the same piquancy of mirthful mischief that was fixed upon the countenance of the image, but which was here varied and continually shifting, yet always essentially the same, like the sunny gleam upon a bubbling fountain.
Rose rewarded him with her bubbling delight and her aunt noticed with an odd constriction about her heart how Bill revelled at last in the new treasure, until now so hopelessly coveted.
Once, in a sort of lull or pause, the seething contents of the hole rose, after the manner of a bubbling spring, and Adam saw part of the thin form of Lady Arabella, forced up to the top amid a mass of blood and slime, and what looked as if it had been the entrails of a monster torn into shreds.
I told Holmes how the matter stood, my heart bubbling over with thankfulness and joy.
It was like a boiling kettle or the bubbling of some great pot.
So an hour passed away, during which the silence was only broken by the bubbling of the pot and the hissing of the flames.