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Synonyms for bubbliness

the property of giving off bubbles

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The bubbliness has to be there, it is fun to do that.
For all their disagreements during the five weeks of filming, mainly sparked by Davis' bubbliness clashing with Pilkington's negativity, it's clear the pair are now firm friends and Davis says he learned a lot.
It can be good to feel on form, and if you need to enthuse anyone or share some ideas, your bubbliness can work wonders.
People were proud of her and miss her loveliness and bubbliness."
To my ears, Kent Nagano's stylish conducting lends itself more to Salome than Ariadne, but even if it didn't explore the utmost reaches of the opera's bubbliness and wistfulness, the orchestra nonetheless delivered Straussian excellence.
"He is what you [Irish] people are all about - you've got a personality and bubbliness about you.
She exudes a natural warmth and bubbliness, which immediately endears us to her character Lindsey Meeks, even when the film gives us no reason to.
That same screen chemistry is apparent here too; her natural effervescence and bubbliness somehow tempering his natural urge to play the fool.
Seemingly afloat in deep yellow air, the chip was surrounded by words and lines pointing to such features as its "bubbliness coefficient of variation"; "dorsal curvature"; "tensile dipping strength"; "anterior slant engagement angle." Below, against a bright orange background, were the words "All you need to know" above a photo of presumably the same chip after it's been dipped--now heaped with cubes of pepper, tomato, onions and whatever else it takes to make a pungent salsa.
You can see a bubbliness coming back to the changing room and it's been a long while since we've had that.'
We are prisoners of our childhoods, he argues, only in the sense that "bubbliness (called positive affectivity)" is a "highly heritable trait." Otherwise, our fate is in our hands--or rather in our heads and our characters.
"Now I have my old bubbliness back but I had to go through two months of hell to do it."
He never lost his sense of humor or energy or bubbliness.
Even after that, the script doesn't find a lot of drama, though the younger couple are newlyweds and their relative bubbliness -- I like being married, says the girl (Melanie Laurent); "I like belonging to something, to someone" -- softens the older couple's cynicism.