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Synonyms for bubble

Synonyms for bubble

a fantastic, impracticable plan or desire

to form or cause to form foam

to flow or move with a low slapping sound

to be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil

Synonyms for bubble

a hollow globule of gas (e

a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control

Related Words

an impracticable and illusory idea

a dome-shaped covering made of transparent glass or plastic

Related Words

flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise

rise in bubbles or as if in bubbles

cause to form bubbles

Related Words

expel gas from the stomach

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Bubble Football, also known as Zorb Football, can be played on any type of pitch whether it be artificial grass or indoors making this versatile anywhere and as Bubble Boys travel throughout the UK including cities such as London, Bristol, Brighton and throughout all the counties such as Essex, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire to name but a few, anyone looking to arrange a fun, unique event should consider this as a matter of first choice.
If it wasn't for the technology/dotcom bubble in the late '90s, I'd probably have a different career.
0, the 4 mm spherical bubbles are in static position with center to center distance of 4 mm.
Generally, these bubbles signify a situation when some prices (say, of stocks or houses) get dramatically disconnected from their underlying economic foundations (in these cases, corporate profits or family incomes).
Dubai, and every growing economy, has a history of bubbles - they form and burst.
8220;I've always loved blowing bubbles with my children and grandchildren, but this is a completely different experience,” said Dee Loveless.
Moreover, a numerical analysis of the bubble motion must include motion of the liquid carrying the bubbles, or its motion caused by the bubble motion.
The family-run business launched in 2010, and now offers 12 bubbles across four locations: Allauch, La Bouilladisse, Puget Ville and Montagnac Montpezat.
SCHOOLS visiting Thinktank at Millennium Point this month have the chance to break a world record - for blowing bubbles.
Centrifugal casting is a recognized method for eliminating bubbles in polymer solutions.
Available in pink or blue, they also add bubbles and color to the bath water.
Bubble was recently improved to create even more bubbles with an even gentler clean, according to the company.
A waterfall at a river near his childhood home in Vietnam created hundreds of tiny bubbles that gurgled along in the rushing water.
In Bubble Homes and Fish Farts, Fiona Bayrock introduces readers to a particularly fun and original topic--the different ways that animals use bubbles.
Part of the Becka and The Big Bubble series, Becka and the Big Bubble: All Around Town is a lighthearted, rhyming children's picturebook about a young girl who likes to blow bubbles--then ride on them