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Synonyms for bubbler

a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water

any of various devices in which air or some other gas is bubbled through a liquid

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To mark the partnership, Future Bubblers will host a free block party with performances from the likes of Alex Nut, Ayy, Selassie TBC, Letherette and more.
LED-lit bubblers, which are generally small and sit on the ground or deck/patio, also need a nearby power source since a small pump allows water to cascade over rocks to create a gentle gurgling, brook-like sound.
The talent programme was set up by BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Gilles Peterson and anyone with an interest in developing their musical talents can approach the Future Bubblers team on Saturday with any questions.
About 850 fixtures were tested across the district, including each sink tap and drinking fountain bubbler fixture, and that significantly added to the number of sources that were sampled, McGillivray said.
A central water element arcs 200 feet through the entire garden, with fountains at each end and multiple bubblers between.
The irrigation system uses pressure-compensating bubblers and drip technology.
Paola, from Clwt-y-Bont near Caernarfon, said: "We're one of only two professional bubblers in the UK, and there's about 200 professional bubblers in the world.
But when using water, you need to decide how to apply built-in lines cross-drilled in the mold or bubblers. "
The bubblers blow argon gas bubbles into the facility's 65-ton melter to increase the temperature and make it more uniform throughout the molten glass.
Abysmal decisions have been taken in recent times, the three-year contract given to Nielsen, the faith shown in Chappell, the foolish season launch, the doomed nomination of John Howard, the appointment of Craig McDermott as bowling coach, the undermining of the state 2nd XI competition, the contracts given to T20 bubblers and denied to accomplished cricketers, the grovelling before Indian power (not least in forcing players to play T20 a few days before a Test series was to begin), the toleration of conflicts of interest.
Peterson also invited the group to perform a live session at the famous Maida Vale studios and licensed Finest Hour for his Brownswood Bubblers album series, which had already featured notable talents Jamie Woon, Flying Lotus and Floating Points.