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Synonyms for bubbler

a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water

any of various devices in which air or some other gas is bubbled through a liquid

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Borane dimethylsulphide (10M solution), 5ml (50 m mol) was taken in a 200ml round-bottom flask, provided with a rubber stoppred side arm and fitted with a condenser connected to a mercury bubbler.
A second glass tube connects the bubbler to a reactor, which is installed as a horizontal tube in the reactor.
Someone also suggested that we consider a bubbler in the tanks instead of the heaters.
A 30-inch-wide glazed and sealed stoneware bowl (similar from $100) fitted with a small bubbler pump (from $20; thehomedepot.
The unit detects the liquid level either via a float switch, an analog sensor, an integrated pneumatic pressure sensor or a bubbler system.
The cooler is connected with a piece of plastic tube to a bubbler and this again to the outside.
The tinkling of a thin jet of falling water, the gushing of a bubbler, the tip-tap-tip of water falling off moss-covered rocks and the rush of a cascade are all are lovely, relaxing sounds.
Vibe Nation, Bubbler Brothers, Shalona, I'Chele, DJ Christofari - Reggae benefit for New Orleans relief, 8 p.
I am talking about the mysterious Bubbler Ranx, who rapped throughout it.
Experts reckon its carcass was picked up by the bird and dropped on the deck of the Thames Bubbler at Dagenham, Essex.
Crew on the boat, the Thames Bubbler, suspected it was a piranha - but could not work out what the fish was doing on the Thames.
According to Hertz, bubbler systems are easier to disinfect, and they retain the hydro massage qualities of whirlpool systems.
Wedges were constructed from Teflon with the required critical angle and a bubbler system (Fig.
An ideal replacement for bubbler systems, Waterpilot features a low-cost, a reliable level measurement, and Endress + Hauser's patented ceramic sensor technology, which is extremely precise and has long-term stability.
Utilizing the bubbler, a proven and dependable liquid level detection method, this fully pneumatic controller is used to turn pneumatic pumps on and off based on liquid level and give liquid level depths.