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Not only will he be able to improve his skills with his prize, but his school has also benefited with a camera, film scanner and colour bubblejet printer.
Canon Computer Systems, for example, recently kicked-off the Canon "Sohome" campaign, which stresses the family uses--greeting cards, crafts, T-shirt transfers and the like--that can be made at home with the equipment, especially the BubbleJet printer.
Canon's MultiPASS1000 plain paper fax machine integrates a PC fax, bubblejet printer, telephone, scanner and copier.
They give very impressive copy in so-called 3-D on all other compatible printers including dot-matrix and my bubblejet. The latter cannot print landscape from other programs without purchase of an extended font package, but AS-EASY-AS carries its own landscape instructions for your selection; all print instructions are sent to the printer in ASCII form and so a separate printer driver is not required.
So we have 15 Canon BubbleJet Printers and Scanners give away - and with them Thomas Cook Holiday Certificates.