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a kind of chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles

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For dessert (although we were flagging by this point) I opted for the Blue Bubblegum Semifreddo Torte (PS4.
The Bubblegum Sour includes Appleton Estate rum whites, bubblegum syrup, lemon juice, powdered sugar, topped with cream soda.
Punk, grunge, new wave, bubblegum pop, hip hop the genres that emerged during this period were as diverse as the audio formats they came with.
Created in response to consumer demand, Yorvale's Bazooka inspired bubblegum dairy ice cream is made from milk from the family herd of Friesians, double cream from a Yorkshire creamery and all natural colours and flavours.
Children enjoying time with Candy and Bubblegum at playtime
Wholesale ice cream manufacturer Suncream Dairies has launched a fun new Bubblegum ice cream which has been specially developed to appeal to children.
Bubblegum Princess by Julie Gribble is the first book to be published by the company and is said to be inspired by Kate Middleton and Prince Williams' fairytale romance and a real-life gum chewing incident at the Prince's Sandhurst passing-out ceremony in 2006.
The answer, eventually, that it is lost bubblegum, does not quite come off in this reviewer's opinion, as the spot looks very red and bubblegum is usually pink, but I expect it comes in different colours these days, and the fact that the ragged boy happily puts it back in his mouth, after being carried around for ages on the hippo's bottom and experimented on, probably adds to the child reader's enjoyment.
BuBBleGum Pink Now the colder months have settled in, it seems right that burgundy, berry and plum would be the order of the day.
There's bubblegum pop by Kylie (I Should Be So Lucky), Jason Donovan (Too Many Broken Hearts), Rick Astley (Never Gonna Give You Up) and Bananarama (Love In The First Degree) but also the disco of Dead Or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) and the smooth soul of Princess' Say I'm Your Number One.
According to the Star-Telegram, Justin Martinez, 30, created the recipe with bubblegum flavoured marshmallows rather than using gum itself.
There are some CEOs whose companies' fortunes are based entirely on toothpaste or bubblegum or packets of crisps.
PvM is introducing the first Chupa Chups bubblegum range, which will include six-piece packs of Big Babol Bubblegum (rsp: 27p), Bubbly Cotton Candy (rsp: 35p) and Bubblegum lollipops (rsp: 15p).
Hot pink Bubblegum carpet, from Kingsmead Carpets' Wow range, is pounds 12 per sq m.