bubble-jet printer

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a kind of ink-jet printer

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An inexpensive ink-jet or bubble-jet printer for high-quality and graphics printing.
And the Direct Printing feature now possible with a full-size Bubble-Jet printer will certainly add to the fun photography brings to millions of people every day.
Last month, in addition to a raft of new camera, scanner, and fax launches, the company announced the release of nine new PIXMA bubble-jet printers and four new all-in-one printers, which all feature Canon's latest print-head technology, FINE (full-photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering).
Requirements for still greater speeds, quieter operation and improved letter quality evolved into ink-jet and bubble-jet printers.
5-inch on Optura 10); Direct Print capabilities with select Canon Bubble-Jet Printers and CP-10/100 Dye Sublimation printers; Motion JPEG Movie mode for producing short video clips designed for e-mail attachment or posting on website; Color Night Shooting mode; Programmed Auto Exposure modes for nearly every shooting condition and subject; Digital Effects including vertical and horizontal wipes and mosaic fades, black-and-white and sepia; Digital Stereo Sound (16/12 bit); IEEE 1394 / FireWire DV Terminal; Manual Controls; A/V Insert and Audio Dubbing; and External Microphone Terminal.