bubble shell

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marine gastropod mollusk having a very small thin shell

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arabica that is the large bubble shell found in the Red Sea, Yemen, Oman and the Arabian Gulf, and eastwards to Karachi.
The first part of the book provides introductory information on the higher taxonomy, external and internal anatomy, reproduction, habitats, biotic relationships and behaviour of nudibranchs and related molluscs, followed by text descriptions and illustrations of 173 species of nudibranch and 76 other species including bubble shells, sap-sucking sea slugs, sea hares, umbrella shells and side-gilled slugs.
In these flats, cowries, cones, mitres, turrids, bubble shells, pen shells, cockles and scallops all living in close proximity and even the most delicate shells may survive intact.
They call their shuffling search the Sanibel Stoop or the Captiva Crouch and you see people doing it at every hour of the day, bending over the sand or in the shallows looking for sand dollars, bubble shells or tiger's eyes.