bubble pack

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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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So, Sarah Brown, Samantha Cameron and Miriam Clegg, whoever it is who has to unroll the bubble pack, brace yourself.
I used "Reflectix"--a double bubble pack, with Mylar facing on both sides.
A Corgi No 270 silver DB5 with tyre slashers, a first issue display box and the bubble pack is wor th pounds 300 to pounds 400.
A tiny serum bottle inside a larger capsule, inside a bubble pack, inside a box, wrapped in cellophane and then put in a plastic bag.
In the cold light of day, when we contemplated a lamp shade with a large stain on it and no suitable light bulb, and gazed at the pile of cardboard, bubble pack, pieces of odd shaped wood and bags of mysterious looking screws and fittings, we didn't think so.
The company reports that its testing has shown that when properly engineered and used, these air-inflated products difer improved performance and greater protection against shock and vibration when compared with such traditional packing materials as foam peanuts, newspaper, and bubble pack. Plus, the packaging is easy to use: One simply places an object inside the clear plastic pouch and fills the bag with air using a 3M-regulated inflation device.