bubble jet printer

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a kind of ink-jet printer

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Gloss or matte photo paper with a 600 dpi bubble jet printer would be the ideal output medium for computer graphics with photographic elements.
"If one of the inks runs out midway through a printing job, the Color Bubble Jet printer simply stops," Lau says.
At present I have a slow laser printer, a slow color bubble jet printer, and a high speed printer I use for pin feed paper or labels.
They are impressive on a color monitor screen and copy very well to a black and white bubble jet printer. However, the labeling of various anatomic parts is in medical terminology not well known to the average patient.
Another alternative he suggests is the bubble jet printer, with quality that falls between that of the laser and the dot matrix.
If you expect crisp, bright images from your color printer, look no further than the Canon S500 Color Bubble Jet Printer with the company's Microfine Droplet technology.
For example, the recently introduced BJC-6000 color bubble jet printer offers the most sought-after features for business and personal printing.
We're offering two readers the chance to win a Canon Sure Shot Z135 camera worth pounds 200 plus a panda soft toy, and two runner-up prizes of a BJC-7100 colour bubble jet printer and a polar bear soft toy.
COSTA MESA, Cal.--Consumers who buy Cannon's BJC-4000 desktop four-color Bubble Jet printer will be eligible to receive the company's proprietary Color Advisor software, free.
Its product range is divided between Business Solutions (developing IT products, solutions and services for both the office and professional print environments) and Consumer Imaging (photography, video and digital camera, Bubble Jet printers).