bubble gum

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a kind of chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles

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What is much more clear-cut is the anger and frustration seeping through lyrics on Bubble Gum. One issue Torre tackles is the frightening raise of the alt-right in the US that is now spreading like cancer across Europe.
Take It Further: Bubble gum is designed to stretch more than chewing gum for blowing bubbles.
The products technical properties allow common bubble gum technology to be used, with high form stability and reduced stickiness (ensuring easy machinability and cleaning).
Healthcare company Perrigo Company (NYSE: PRGO)(NYSE:TASE) has received final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for its abbreviated new drug application for cetirizine hydrochloride oral solution USP, 1 mg/ml, bubble gum flavored, the company reported on Tuesday.
M2 PHARMA-September 11, 2013-Perrigo Company awarded final US FDA approval for brand equivalent of Childrena[euro](tm)s Zyrtec Allergy Syrup, 1 mg/ml, bubble gum flavored(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The Topps Company (founded in 1938) was the premier producer of a bubble gum that debuted in 1952 and featured a mini-comic known Bazooka Joe.
I ventured only as far as custard, with vanilla my added flavor base and toffee crumbles as my "mix-in," but those of you with a hankering for a burnt almond fudge, root beer or bubble gum yogurt will find all that and more.
But if they stopped bumping their gums for a moment, they might remember that during Second World War rationing, a certain nation crossed the Pond and brought us copious amounts of sugary bubble gum and chocolate.
"Fingers Crossed" is sweet and edgy like razor blade flavored bubble gum and the raw cord changes and ennui-laden lyrics of "Why Bother" will feel familiar to anyone who's gone through a lingering break up, Self-deprecating and endearingly quirky, Weiss has a gift for making romantic strife fun again.
In a media age of instant gratification and sensationalism, and in the absence of self-regulatory decency, a clear marker should be independently policed between the making and reporting of news - what is in the public interest and what is just bubble gum for celebrity-obsessed half-wits.
Gulf News has reported that when some consumers asked for their small change, they were offered bubble gum in some supermarkets instead.
Take baseball cards: In the 1950s, card manufacturers came up with the idea of including candy (bubble gum) to sell more of their product.
Anderson distributes bubble gum or hard candy to students taking standardized tests.
And I reckon she might have had an easier time feeding me those greens had she laced my fruit salad with a little bubble gum pink shot of this.
Shoppers can choose from 19 different flavors that range from fruit flavors including apple and cherry to "mix it up" flavors which include combinations such as bubble gum or strawberry cream.