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an instrument that records the tracks of ionizing particles

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The fluid inside the jar - which is called a bubble chamber - is heated to a temperature extremely close to its boiling point.
The PICO bubble chamber, installed 6,800 feet underground at the Canadian laboratory SNOLAB, is designed to find the elusive, neutrally charged WIMPs that might take years to make an appearance.
Scientists working on the PICO experiment had to also make sure, by calibrating the heat and pressure in the bubble chamber, that the detector was sensitive only to WIMPs and not other background signals, such as those from electrons and gamma rays.
An atom's spin, like its charge, is an intrinsic property of atomic nuclei, and the PICO bubble chamber exploits that fact by using a fluid component - fluoride - with a relatively large nuclear spin.
However, with the method presented in this text, we can limit the number of geometries that are adapted to the radio-clean requirements of the piezoelectric acoustic sensor design for the particle detectors such as the next generation of dark matter bubble chamber detectors.
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So the bubble chambers were commanded by the beam passage and the used liquid reached a metastable equilibrium state which occurs when the pressure of the liquid was lowered adiabatically: the substance remains in the liquid state despite the vapor pressure or the boiling point temperature.
The experiments with bubble chambers are concentrated on the work of the Collaboration COUPP (Chicagoland Observatory for Underground Particle Physics).
In contrast to bubble chambers used in high energy physics, which are based on the same principle, SDD are basically continuously sensitive, since one droplet at a time undergoes phase transition.
The most important application was the bubble chamber. Apfel [19] extended this concept in the form of SDD in which small drops of the superheated liquid are uniformly dispersed in a gel or viscoelastic medium: it isolates the fragile metastable system from vibrations and convections currents that occur in bubble chambers; in Figure 7 a sketch of a detector exposed to a neutron flux is shown.
Bubble chamber is a small vessel used to examine and identify charged subatomic particles.