bubble chamber

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an instrument that records the tracks of ionizing particles

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But if many artists at the time had similarly reduced artistic gesture, submitting it to lugubrious gravity or tensility, Whitten's operation pointed to faster forces: radar, cathode ray, satellite, electron beam, hydrogen bubble chamber, inkjet.
Glaser, while developing the bubble chamber for detecting subatomic particles at the University of Michigan back in the 1950s, used to sit for hors in the student union staring into a glass of beer, looking for tracks of bubbles left by mu mesons -- energetic particles created in violent encounters between cosmic rays and particles in the atmosphere.
ZPM's Bubble Chamber is cutting edge technology, which uses less chemistry than current practices.
The project, called Bubble Chamber, will be rolled out to other cities across the region over the next three years.
She also loved the stimulation room with the bubble chamber and she really liked the lights.
Simply open the top of the Bubble Machine and pour the Gazillion Bubble solution into the bubble chamber, close the top and switch the machine to on.
Physicists and astronomers, though, deal with WIMPs and MACHOs, giants and dwarfs, and bubble chambers.