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an instrument that records the tracks of ionizing particles

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Bubble Chamber will be anchored by the Fifth House Ensemble, performing six shows in the first six months of the series schedule.
The fluid inside the jar - which is called a bubble chamber - is heated to a temperature extremely close to its boiling point.
However, with the method presented in this text, we can limit the number of geometries that are adapted to the radio-clean requirements of the piezoelectric acoustic sensor design for the particle detectors such as the next generation of dark matter bubble chamber detectors.
Bubble chambers were divided into two categories (hydrogen and heavy liquid bubble chambers); the former ones (like the "80 cm" BEBC, 15-foot Flab, Argonne 30 inches, etc.) had the advantage that the target was well defined and static; the latter ones (Gargamelle, BP3, 15-foot Bubble Chamber, SKAT, etc.) had a bigger stopping power and were particularly suited to identify the nature of the secondary produced particles like electrons, gamma rays, and pions and kaons decays.
I can relate well to Wilson's sad commentary on the technical reasons for the explosion and fire at the CEA bubble chamber from my experience with the University of Maryland cyclotron and external beam transport system.
Mr Phillips said: "The Bubble Chamber was used to create nuclear fission, Liverpool was very much at the centre of nuclear development.
Physicists and astronomers, though, deal with WIMPs and MACHOs, giants and dwarfs, and bubble chambers. Then, there are the subatomic particles called quarks, which figure prominently in physics and astronomy.
Born in Krakow in 1948, Zalewska was attracted to physics from a young age because of "its ability to explain phenomena around [her]." Her professional association with CERN dates back to the early 1970s when she analysed data from bubble chamber at the Proton Synchrotron for her PhD at the Jagiellonian University.
Donald Glaser reports on the first photographs taken with his new bubble chamber, a tool for recording collisions of subatomic particles (2/5/55, p.
The project, called Bubble Chamber, will be rolled out to other cities across the region over the next three years.
``She also loved the stimulation room with the bubble chamber and she really liked the lights.
The bubble chamber (see 1953) was excellent at detecting ultra-short-lived particles.
In this new bubble chamber, a speeding charged particle would encourage the formation of bubbles, and a line of bubbles would mark out its path.
Glaser, while developing the bubble chamber for detecting subatomic particles at the University of Michigan back in the 1950s, used to sit for hors in the student union staring into a glass of beer, looking for tracks of bubbles left by mu mesons -- energetic particles created in violent encounters between cosmic rays and particles in the atmosphere.
He retired from Brookhaven Lab after 35 years as the senior cryogenic technical specialist in charge of building the bubble chambers, aka atom smashers, from the 50's to the 80's.