bubble bath

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a bath in which you add something to foam and scent the bath water

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Bubble Retro Bubble Bath Ornament ($3) is an 8oz bubble bath packaged in a retro replica of the original 1961 bubble bath box design in a festive hanging design.
I draw a long hot bath, use lashings of Queen of Pop bubble bath, play Fleetwood Mac in the background, and have a candle burning (maybe three) and a rubber ducky.
Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Cream, PS2.99, Superdrug Sweet smelling and perfect for a bubble bath, this raspberry cream will last you ages.
E45 Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream, PS3.99 (boots.com) Keep bathing brief HOT baths are dehydrating, so keep the temperature down, make them short, use a moisturising bubble bath and apply a moisturiser to skin within five minutes of getting out.
The company has also unveiled a national advertising print campaign that utilizes the tagline 'Take Me Away!" Two new scents--Lavender Vanilla and Spring Cherry Blossom--will be added to all products in the Calgon lineup--body mist, body cream, body wash, bubble bath and bath beads.
"My mum used to order from Avon and I remember her ordering all this bubble bath - which is my most popular order now," he said.
Teal's foaming bath, a bubbly alternative to an Epsom salt bath that provides more benefits than using either a bubble bath or an Epsom salt product by itself.
With the additional weight of the water and bubble bath that make up the bubbles, they are heavier than the surrounding air and move to the lowest point possible.
.3 n Up' w oa am ww co Hfaman 4 n Fruity B Floozie 'Pin Up' Vanity Case, www.debenhams.com Has a sponge, face papers, soap, mirror, bubble bath and body lotion.
Bubble Bubble Bath have developed a new way for kids to have fun while getting clean.
Cue bubble bath, classical music, and a glass of wine.
In an interview to Maxim magazine, the 30-year-old actress has revealed that she loves to take a bubble bath in tiara which she got from Disneyland.
Combining the best of floral and fruity tones, the fragrance is available as a bath line, natural spray, body lotion, bubble bath and deodorant natural spray.