bubble bath

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a bath in which you add something to foam and scent the bath water

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Almost three in every 10 quizzed in the national poll admit that they are also far more likely to use bubble bath when having a soak in a hotel than they are when bathing at home.
Light in the bathroom and you can unwind in a bubble bath.
The expanded line, which includes men's and women's body washes, shampoos and conditioners, joins the brand's bubble baths.
In addition to bringing our popular bubble bath back to the west coast, we worked closely with Rite Aid to develop the shampoo and body wash products which offer the same quality and value to consumers.
So he ran his bath, put the bubble bath in, went next door, watched TV for 10 minutes, decided it was time for the bath, went back to the bathroom and found there was no water in the bath.
99), a bubble bath paradise for any child, comes with peg-legged pirates, a colorful parrot, a cushy octopus, quick-spinning gears, and a water-shooting cannon.
OK, so it's still not cheap for a bubble bath but you really get to indulge those diva fantasies as you spoon this delicious goo into your tub, and emerge looking like the goddess you are.
The nine-strong collection includes four fragrances of Double Bubble bubble bath, which has separate compartments of moisturiser and bubble liquid which mix (The Grocer, duly 27, 2002).
dear, unflavored, powdered gelatin liquid bubble bath food coloring
I don't even get it - the need to sit in bubbles, although if you have children, they do measure you by how good your bloody bubbles are' - Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, which stocks bubble bath.
Packaged in a cranberry-colored fur line purse (great for New Year's Eve parties) this set features a refreshing cranberry scented body wash, bubble bath and body lotion.
a soak in the bath TAKE an hour, grab a book and a glass of wine and relax in a lovely bubble bath courtesy of Superdrug and this I Love set, which contains bubbles, bath gel and more, all for just PS6.