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Synonyms for bubble

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for bubble

a fantastic, impracticable plan or desire

to form or cause to form foam

to flow or move with a low slapping sound

to be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil

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Synonyms for bubble

a hollow globule of gas (e

a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control

Related Words

an impracticable and illusory idea

a dome-shaped covering made of transparent glass or plastic

Related Words

flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise

rise in bubbles or as if in bubbles

cause to form bubbles

Related Words

expel gas from the stomach

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Azie presents the Bubble Ice Pot, starts at NT$980, featuring a traditional brass hot pot with beloved summer snack ingredients such as bubble, red beans, taro, peanuts and Thai ice tea complete with smoky dry ice visuals, and Bubble Calzone, starts at NT$550, featuring the traditionally cheesy calzone stuffed with bubbles.
Originating in Taiwan, Bubble tea is a widely consumed flavoured beverage containing tea as the basic component.
Seeing the demand, many coffee chains like Highlands and The Coffee House and restaurants have added bubble tea to their menu.
The next big bubble rose in the US during the tech craze of the late 1990s, which generated another series of anti-bubbles, particularly in companies and countries that relied for growth on commodities like oil and iron ore.
experience with the boom and bust in technology stocks in the late 1990s, an episode often referred to as the dot-com bubble. As the share prices of companies specializing in information technology shot up, the Fed refrained from responding by raising interest rates.
DZG keeper Josh Luxton couldn't wait to pop to our giant anteater paddock to see what our new male Bubbles made of bubbles.
Hubble bubble Ridah and Zarich Ali with Isabella Fordham enjoy the bubble making
Although the research on dynamics characteristics of bubble collapse has made a remarkable progress, some details are still interrogative due to the limitation of experimental technology.
A bubble must promise real-world returns at some distant date.
Known internationally for his live bubble performances, traveling across Asia including Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, Jung currently holds the Guinness World Record for creating the largest bubble, which held 100 people.
Therefore, in this paper, the FTM was used to simulate the free rise of a single bubble in the transverse ridged tube.
Now use your warm breath to blow a bubble. The bubble will be filled with warm air, and it will float UP in the cold winter air!
A BUBBLE festival will be held at the Vaynol Estate in Gwynedd.
The Arabian Bubble Celebration, to be held from May 19 to 21, is expected to be a huge draw among children and Image Credit: Supplied The Arabian Bubble Celebration, to be held from May 19 to 21, is expected to be a huge draw among children and Image Credit: Supplied
Summary: Children can be enchanted by The Bubble Man's bubble making sessions that is taking place throughout the 11-day festival.