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an infectious tropical disease resembling syphilis in its early stages

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See Calvo, Cirugia universal, 570 where he even went as far as arguing that the ill's breath was contagious too; Torres, Libro de las bubas 6; Pedro Lopez Pinna, Tratado del morbo gdlico (Seville, 1664), 5r (BN, R-5793); Andres de Leon, Prdctico de morbo gdlico (Valladolid, 1605), 6v (BN, R-4929).
There were green top hats with pinned clovers, kilts, turbans, thobes, saris, kimonos, dreadlocks, fez, Bubas, Baju Kurangs and a myriad of other dresses I hadn't ever seen before.
EASI systems enable businesses to improve their electrical system power quality and eliminate waste," said Pete Bubas, owner of Shore Energy Systems.
From New York to a street in downtown London, Women are wearing bubas (tops), soras (wrap skirts) and geles (head ties).
A ranger with 15 years of experience observing orcas in Patagonia Roberto Bubas, of the hunting method, noting that only five are teaching the technique to younger members of the pod.
In this respect, his photographs can be seen as a pre-figuration of the "New Colour" of photographers such as Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, which received widespread acclaim in the 1970s, and the work of contemporary Vancouver photographers such as Roy Arden, Arni Haraldsson, Karin Bubas, and Christos Dikeakos.