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an infectious tropical disease resembling syphilis in its early stages

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For example, the Hausa call a top 'riga', a bottom 'wando', and a gown 'buba riga', while the Yoroba call a top 'buba', a bottom 'sokoto', and a gown 'agbada'.
a bottom wando, and a gown buba riga, while the Yoroba call a top buba, a bottom sokoto, and a gown agbada.
A ranger with 15 years of experience observing orcas in Patagonia Roberto Bubas, of the hunting method, noting that only five are teaching the technique to younger members of the pod.
WILLIAMS: We played against North Carolina and Duke at Maryland, and both Dean Smith and Vic Bubas pressed and ran multiple situations at us, which weren't very popular back then.